Samantha and Elisha

How We Met

Elisha and I met in an extracurricular activity in high school called Lincoln Leadership in which we toured businesses in our county and learned about their economic impact. I used to try to talk to him and he would never engage in conversation because he was so shy. We both went to college and then he joined the Navy. In March 2019, he messaged me on Instagram and asked me how he knew me. The conversation went on and he asked me on a date. He was in Destin at the time in school for the Navy and he drove 6 hours to Tennessee take me out. We kissed in the rain on our first date and we didn’t want to leave each other. We dated long distance for a year and 2 months, seeing each at least twice a month traveling back and forth. Coronavirus put a damper on that and instead of being able to see each other often as we had, we were separated for 3 months. We were finally reunited on June 18th and on June 20th he asked me to marry him.

How They Asked

All weekend long Elisha had planned surprises.

Image 1 of Samantha and Elisha

He brought me a dozen roses at the airport, he booked me a beautiful hotel looking over the marina and the many sailboats in Shelter Island, he took me to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, he took me to the kiss statue, and then he said his final surprise was at Sunset Cliffs. Elisha took me to Sunset Cliffs and at sunset, asked me to be his wife.

Image 5 of Samantha and Elisha

Image 6 of Samantha and Elisha

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