Samantha and Eli

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How We Met

Eli and I first met in January of 2011 at the University of British Columbia. At the time I was completing my second year, while Eli was finishing his last. I had just started working for the UBC Development Office as one of their student callers when I met Eli, who was one of my supervisors. I would love to say that it was love at first sight, but at 19 years old love wasn’t exactly the first thing on my mind- or at least I didn’t know it was. This however was a different story for Eli, and without me even knowing it, I had my very own Cinderella story in the making. Eli had had a crush on me for several months, but in being his shy self, never asked me out. Instead, he had prompted co-workers of mine to invite me out with them, but it had never worked out. So, it wasn’t until 5 months later that our romantic adventure began. The only hiccup? Eli had now become my boss. It wasn’t until June 1st, after the Vancouver Canucks had just beat the Boston Bruins in the first Stanley Cup playoff game, that we coincidentally met outside of work.

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I was a few drinks deep when I ran into Eli, and all I remember was excusing him from the group of friends he was with and trying to convince him to go out with me- despite him being my boss, or not having had any prior conversations where I expressed my romantic interest. Being a gentleman and mindful of his job, Eli paid for my cab and texted me to make sure I got home safely. This escapade continued over the next two weeks; we met after every playoff game until Eli went away on a week long family vacation. It wasn’t until this week that I realized how head over heels I was for this man. So, I did the only reasonable thing I could do.. I had my Dad write my resignation letter, which I promptly emailed to Eli. Two weeks later after my last shift as his employee we went out on our first real date, no longer a secret (well still kind of a secret), and began the adventure of a lifetime.

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how they asked

Last year Eli and I decided that our big vacation would be doing a road trip through Oregon and California for just over two weeks. We stopped at Cannon Beach, spent a few days in Yosemite, went to Palm Springs for Stagecoach, Disneyland, Santa Barbara for Jake & Amy’s wedding and last, but certainly not least, San Francisco. Anyone who I had spoken with before this trip, heck even the strangers who had just happened to ask me the time, were very aware that I was ready for Eli to ask me to marry him. I had been eagerly waiting for this day to happen for about a year. That’s one year’s worth of vacations where I thought it might happen, and having to go back to the drawing board. So, when it came time for this vacation I am surprised I wasn’t more aware of Eli’s odd behaviors.

Because we were going to be seeing Eli’s family in Santa Barbara I was certain that if it were to happen, it was going to happen before we said goodbye to them. Well, it didn’t happen. Five places down, one to go, and I was confident that I was returning home still as his girlfriend. We got to San Francisco around 4 pm and checked into our hotel, which is where the weird behavior began. It started when Eli tried to persuade the bellman to let him take our bags (which held the ring) up to the room himself. After much convincing both from myself and the bellman, Eli gave in. When I asked him what was going on he simply stated he didn’t want us to have to wait- and wait we did. Thirty minutes went by and still no bags. Eli was madly pacing around the room and refused to sit and have a glass of wine with me. At this point I was confused but was still completely in the dark.

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Our bags finally came after being taken to the wrong room… TWICE! We then got changed and headed to Fisherman’s Wharf to walk around. We didn’t have much of a plan, except for all the food we wanted to eat! We stopped at all of our favourite places, enjoying a lobster hoagie, clam chowder in a sourdough bowl and a tasty adult beverage. Eli then asked me if I wanted to get a caricature done- for those who don’t know, I have been asking Eli to get one for years but he has always responded with a firm “no”. Little did I know at the time, this was all part of his plan- the artist would draw Eli proposing, and when they showed me the picture, Eli would be down on one knee asking me to be his wife.

He thought his plan was flawless, but he didn’t account for one problem- me. Of all the nights to not be in the mood for a caricature, I had to choose this one- plus it was so cold out! The poor boy tried so hard to convince me (he even bought me a sweater!) but the answer remained the same. So he moved to Plan B- we continued to walk around the Pier and he bought me this magnet with a dog that looks just like Gus and got us matching baseball hats (CUTE, RIGHT?!). We ended up walking to this area at the Pier where the docks are dedicated to the sea lions. It sounds weird, but I think it was the most hilarious moment of the entire trip- listening to them barking, farting and who knows what else.

Despite all this laughter I could tell something was up with Eli when he kept moving us to a more secluded area. He finally suggested we move away from the seals in order to get a better view of Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge (let it be noted, the view was the same). As we were walking over I suddenly had intense butterflies thinking I knew what was about to happen, but I tried to convince myself it was anything but to avoid any potential disappointment. We were finally alone with a beautiful view when Eli took off his hat and handed it to me.

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Before he even got down on one knee I was crying the ugliest, happiest tears of my entire life. I don’t remember a word he said, except that it was beautiful and filled with love. Neither of us are sure if I said yes, or just stuck my hand out and squealed through the tears. May 8th, 2016 was the best day of my life, and I can’t hardly wait until June 10th, 2017 to see how it will be topped.

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We also always knew that we wanted our dog Gus to be involved in our engagement shoot, so we did that once we got home and couldn’t be happier!

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