Samantha and Dustin

Samantha's Proposal in Haywood Park Hotel in Asheville, NC

How We Met

We have been dating since we were 13, now we’re 22. We have a running joke that we’re not high school sweethearts, but middle school sweethearts.

how they asked

On our 9 year anniversary, we decide to ditch our plans to have a nice dinner and do a couples photography session and took a spur of the moment trip to Asheville. We arrive at the Haywood Park Hotel and our room is beautiful with a view of downtown and miles of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Samantha and Dustin's Engagement in Haywood Park Hotel in Asheville, NC

We sit on the couch and are talking about our plans for the evening when I look at Dustin and say, “I am so happy right now. The only thing to make this moment better would be if we were engaged. I don’t need anything or anyone but you.” That’s when he looks at me and gets down on one knee. I’m pretty sure I said yes before his knee touched the floor! Happy 9 years to us!

Special Thanks

Selina | 
This is my twin. She and Dustin designed my ring from scratch!
Ariel Cothran at Tena's Fine Diamonds and Jewelry
She handled every aspect of my gorgeous ring