Samantha and Domenic

How We Met

May 26, 2017 I could honestly say was the best day of my life. It all started 4 years ago when this handsome guy randomly and completely out of nowhere showed up into my life. There was almost an immediate connection and the way he spoke about his passions in life and his family I was instantly hooked!! My fiance is a football coach in strength and conditioning for colleges, and with that profession becomes a tougher social life since you are on the move quite often and you are never just settled into one place. When I had met Dominic we were both living in New Jersey and after about a year of dating, he broke that news to me that he had to leave and take a job opportunity that he couldn’t refuse he was on the road to Kentucky to work as a strength and conditioning coach for the football team. I remember just thinking “OMG when am I going to see him again” I was devastated but he had confidence that we would last and boy was he right! Long distance for 2 years and then finally moved in together he we are 4 years later and currently in Indiana.

how they asked

Now onto the proposal, we had made a trip to go to Chicago I was so excited and so we he we couldn’t wait to have our mini getaway!! We arrive at our hotel and the gentlemen mentioned that we had been upgraded, I was so happy! Dominic was parking the car and I went up to the room, I kid you not it was 2 floors, pool table, dining table, couch, 3 flat screen TVs, a shower that could fit 10 people it was amazing!!!!! We were getting ready for dinner and I walk downstairs and there were 2 dozen pink roses, my favorite I was very surprised.

We went and had dinner and this restaurant called RPM Italian which was fabulous and then we were off to walk the skyline. Little did I know my whole life was about to change. We got dropped off by the Uber and we started walking towards the water and it reminded me of home the skyline was stunning which reminded me of NYC and it was perfect!

He then took my arms and said “Sam you know I love you right” I said yes… he goes “you know I want to spend the rest of my life with you right” and bam he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him I was in tears beyond galore and immediately said yes!!!!

He hired a photographer who was there to capture the whole moment!!!! I was floored and beyond excited and so was he!❤

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Samantha Attisano
Samantha Attisano