Samantha and Dillon

How We Met

It all started with a poke on Facebook in the Summer of 2013 when I was 16 and he was 17, but let’s go back a little bit further. We grew up going to the same pre-school, grew up in the same city and attended the same junior high, and we had some friends in common, but we never really hung out. Down the line, we became Facebook friends and a little bit longer down the line, I saw his name come up on my “Who You Should Poke Next” list and I thought to myself “hmmmm, I haven’t talked with him in a while” and I poked him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On an airplane flight to Cancun

We were in a poke war for a few weeks and then he messaged me on Facebook and said: “This is stupid if you want to talk, text me [insert cell phone # here].” He was in Canada at the time when we first started talking, so with the three-hour time difference, he would stay up extra late to talk to me until I went to bed. He even did this on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday at midnight in California time (3 am in Canada time). During that time, he messaged my mom on Facebook to ask permission if he could ask me on our first date. Shortly after he came home from Canada, we had our first date, and the rest is history.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On an airplane flight to Cancun

Samantha and Dillon's Engagement in On an airplane flight to Cancun

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On an airplane flight to Cancun

Proposal Ideas On an airplane flight to Cancun

Samantha's Proposal in On an airplane flight to Cancun

How They Asked

A few days into the new year and a few days shy of our 6 1/2 year anniversary, we boarded our connecting flight in Minneapolis and ended in Cancun. We had booked this trip to celebrate me finishing my first semester in graduate school, but little did I know there was a big surprise shortly ahead! About 45 minutes into the flight, he told me that he had to go to the bathroom, but really he was talking with the flight attendants. I was sitting in my seat oblivious to what was going on and all of a sudden I heard his voice on the PA system, I looked up with complete shock on my face and listened as he professed his love for me in front of EVERYONE on the plane!

He told everyone how much he loved me, how long we have been together, how he travels weekly with Delta for work, and that he didn’t want to come home from Cancun with a girlfriend, but he wanted to come home with a FIANCE!! I couldn’t believe my eyes and thought he was joking [he told me this was definitely NOT happening on this trip]!!! He then got down on one knee, pulled out a GORGEOUS ring, and asked me to be his forever and I, of course, said YES!!! This proposal was such a dream and so perfect for us as a couple because we LOVE to travel!

Special Thanks

 | Dillon flies on a weekly basis and has status with Delta, so he reached out to them to get their help in pulling this proposal off.
 | They provided the most gorgeous ring!