Samantha and Devon

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How We Met

Devon and I met June 1st 2014. Our romance started uniquely, in more ways than one. We both had been actively pursuing online dating and just as I was about to call it quits, I saw a message from Devon. Usually, I felt the need to have a few correspondences back and forth but when I read Devon’s message something told me to just give him my number and go forward with closing my account. So I did. After that we chatted for about two weeks without meeting because my schedule was full. Growing very impatient, Devon asked what my plans were for the coming weekend and when I told him I was busy, again, with my cousin’s dance recital at the Jersey Shore, he asked if he could come. I told him sure, but explained that my entire family would be there. Aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone! He didn’t care. He wanted to come. So he did! On our first date Devon met a great number of my family members, and they all fell in love. Shortly after that, so did I.

Devon and I continued to date and as we approached a year he was offered a position at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. That was a big wrench in our plans to move closer to NYC, where I was born and raised. Devon and I both loved New York but we knew that this was the opportunity of a lifetime. So off to California we went, away from all of our loved ones. It was by far the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, to be so far away from my family. Little did I know, Devon already made plans before we left the East Coast to make sure he would be my family, forever.

how they asked

On January 9th 2016, Devon had me convinced we were going on a cruise for my birthday. We walked toward the marina, through the Palace of Fine Arts pulling our suitcases, mine full of way too many clothes and Devon’s full of underwear and air.

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Devon asked to take a quick picture of me beside a nearby tree. I walked toward the tree then turned around and was shocked to find him on his knee in the damp grass. All I could say was, “Oh my God… Oh my God”, although my brain was telling me to say “Yes!” Luckily, he got back down and gave me a second chance to shout, “Of course!”

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Just as I thought I was getting myself together Devon points to our photographer, Kim and says “This is Kim”, who had been photographing us the entire time. Then he points to my Mom and says “And this is your family”. I turned to see my Mom with other family members and friends walking out from their hiding spots. They had been watching the proposal! Devon had flown everyone out from New York so they could be a part of our special day.

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I have never been this happy in my life! Devon is certainly one of a kind and I’m so glad he’s mine!

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Special Thanks

Kimberly Varney
 | Photographer