Samantha and David


How We Met

My roommate worked at a restaurant in college that my fiance managed. One night, she invited a bunch of people over to our place after work, and he was there. I thought he was absolutely hilarious and charming within the first 5 minutes.

how they asked

A week prior, David told me that he had planned a reception for his real estate clients and asked if I would go with him. I said sure! We drove out to the reception and we were a little early, so David asked if I wanted to walk around to the back of the hotel and go see the water view, and I said absolutely! We walked by the water for about 5 minutes and then he turns around and stops. He gets down onto one knee, says “there’s no real estate event” and pulls out the ring. Of course I said YES!!! All of the sudden, the shrub behind my new fiance grew a camera lens and I realized he planted a photographer to capture the whole thing AND my parents emerged out of nowhere and surprised me!!!! After our engagement photo session, David said that we had a reservation for dinner for the four of us. I walked into the restaurant and there were 30 of our dearest friends and family members waiting for us!!! He planned a surprise engagement party, as if I wasn’t surprised enough!! What I thought was a random Tuesday evening in September turned into the most elaborate and surprising night of my life!!



Special Thanks

Jenny Berliner