Samantha and Cory

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How We Met

Two years ago I was starting my first big girl job after graduating college. My first day on the job happened to be the office Christmas party. I introverted heart dreading going, not knowing a soul. When I arrived to the restaurant, a sweet girl who worked as the receptionist at the office quickly adopted me. I sat with her and made small talk with the few others sitting near. Sitting directly across from me was my future husband. He didn’t say more than “Hello” to me and I thought he was dating the cute girl next to him (I soon found out that she is actually married to his best friend).

As the weeks went on at my new job, this boy found his way into my office daily. I am slow to pick up on flirting and thought nothing of it… for a while. By January we were on our first date.

What’s really cool about our story is how many missed connections we had before meeting. He was in my friend group and I never met him. When I said no to an event or outing, he said yes. When he didn’t show up to a party, I did. For years we missed each other. The timing for us meeting was beyond perfect, we can see that now.

how they asked

About 6 months ago, Cory and I found ourselves in Downtown Detroit on a rooftop for a work video shoot. We ran from side to side, checking out the incredible views the city had to offer. To the left we saw our Canada neighbors, to the right there was the beautiful architecture of the city we both loved to dearly. We had happened upon our new favorite spot in Detroit and it was one of the most memorable days working together. Little did I know that just a few days shy of Christmas on that exact rooftop, the boy I had fallen so deeply in love with, would ask me the question that would change my life forever.

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He told me that we would go on a fancy double date in the city. He tricked me to the top of this building where the most beautiful scene of candles and flower pedals would be waiting for us. I’ve never been more excited in my life when I laid my eyes on it. He took my hand and lead me to where he would get down on one knee.

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It was magical, beautiful, romantic and perfect in every way. Later that night he surprised me again with the greatest engagement party with all of our closest friends and family. The whole day was better than anything I could have dreamed up for myself but the commitment that I was promised surpasses it all. To love and be loved is a beautiful thing.

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