Samantha and Connor

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How We Met

Growing up, I had an oddly sentimental connection with my childhood swing set. It was my happy place. Connor was the only person outside of my family and lifelong friends to know this about me. 3 years into our relationship, Connor, and my dad cut the swing set up into pieces at my parents’ home after years of carpenter bees, winter storms, and aging had taken its toll on the once constantly used and cherished item. I cried.

how they asked

Flash forward over 2 years later, Connor takes me to his parents home on the eve of my 25th birthday. He leads me around his home, which sits up on a hill surrounded by woods, to a small clearing. As soon as I turn the corner, I see red roses laying along a log and at the end of the path, a tree swing. I immediately begin to tear up because I can see that the wood seat of the swing is from my childhood swing set. I run and hop onto the swing. Ugly crying, swinging on a piece of my past in a place of my present with the love of my life and his childhood home, Connor slows the swing and gets down on one knee. Asking me to marry him was the easiest question I was ever faced with. After saying yes to his proposal, Connor asked me to take a closer look at the swing I so eagerly just went and sat on. There is an E.E. Cummings poem with a verse that has always reminded Connor of us.

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He keeps a copy of it in his wallet and it holds special meaning to us. To make things that much more thoughtful and so perfectly us, Connor wood-burned the verse into the swing along with a rose that his sister burned by hand as well. The man I love built me a tree swing out of my childhood swing set, bought a wood burning pen, and burned a poem verse and rose into it along with his sister. It was perfectly me and yet perfectly him all in one. To top it off his sister hid and photographed it all, champagne and beautiful glasses were ready for toasting, and our families were waiting for us for a wonderful dinner afterward, which was yet another surprise for me.

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