Samantha and Colby

How We Met

Colby and I met through work in 2011. The moment I saw him, I was instantly attracted to him. Finally getting up my courage, I sent him a message on Facebook to say hello. Super awkward, I know. It wasn’t long before he responded back and quickly our conversation moved to texting and endless hours talking on the phone. After a few weeks, Colby asked me out on our first date and after that, it was history!

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how they asked

He said, lets rein act The Notebook and we’ll walk to each other and give each other a hug, then we’ll walk over there and kiss (as he pointed to the cliff walk area), so we did just that.

Once we kissed on the cliff walk, he looked at me and said “it’s time”. With confusion and hesitation, I replied “Its time for what?”. He then asked me to turn around, so I did just that. Although it was likely a few seconds it felt much longer then that. I had a feeling it was going to happen and before I knew it, he then said “turn around”. When I did, my eyes locked to a little red box he was holding in his hand. At that moment I knew….

He then went down on one knee in front of me, opened the box and said “Samantha, I love you. Will you marry me?” I was overwhelmed with happiness trying not to cry! Smiling, I then said yes!

But wait there is more! In true style my now fiancée didn’t know once I accepted his proposal, he needed to put the engagement ring on my finger. After he stood up and kissed me, he handed me the little red box. We then proceeded to walk away and I then said, “Wait, I think you’re suppose to put the ring on my finger once I say yes”. His facial expression was priceless as he was confused and mortified that he missed this component. To rectify the situation, he then went down on one knee again, asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes again and at that moment he placed the ring on my finger. It was absolutely cheesy and adorable.

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