Samantha and Clark

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How We Met

Clark and I ran in the same circles and served on the production team at our church for a while before we met. We eventually met around a bonfire and a friends birthday party – Grillz by Nelly was playing on a bluetooth speaker. Romantic, we know ;) A bunch of our friends would go to this pizza place in Atlanta called Fellini’s after church and one night after me telling a super embarrassing story I felt the need to apologize and defend my character to Clark (the only guy at the table who didn’t know me super well.) His response to me was, “you’re really funny and really pretty, can I have your number?” Yes sir, yes you can. We went on a few dates and then stayed friends for a while (my bad). After about six months of him being an unbelievably gracious and faithful friend I let go of my insecurity and fear and we began dating. Best decision I’ve made :)

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how they asked

Clark and I decided to create our own tradition of switching off planning celebrations like Valentine’s day and anniversaries. This year, I had Valentine’s Day (I nailed it if I do say so myself) and Clark said he wanted our one year anniversary.

I’m a huge planner, so the fact that he told me I wouldn’t know what to wear or where we were going until it was happening gave me anxiety. The whole week leading up to our anniversary he avoided me like the plague saying he was doing things for our anniversary, so I kept myself pretty busy and tried to not get too anxious. The morning of our anniversary, Clark came over and made cinnamon rolls and coffee. We had a slow morning laughing and enjoying each other. The whole day he took me around to spots in Atlanta that mean something to us: where he told me he loved me, where we had our first date, where he had some hard conversations, and many more. I truly had NO idea what was coming. I thought for a second that maybe we could get engaged, but Clark is an awful liar so I thought, “there is no way he is proposing if he could be so normal around me all day.”

With that, the though left my mind and I just enjoyed our day with no expectations. The day went on and we had so much fun re-living some amazing and hard conversations that got us where we are now. For dinner, we went to the place where we had our second first date (go me) and spent the evening talking about our relationship, how thankful we are for each other, and how at peace we felt that we were done looking.

The place where we ate dinner, Superica, has THE best Tres Leches cake I have ever had and I think I talked to Clark about it for 30 minutes. We ended dinner and just as I’m about to say to our server, “can we order the Tres Leches?” Clark said, “can we get our check?” Apparently we had somewhere time sensitive to be. To my disappointment, we didn’t get the cake, but it’s okay because I got a ring later ;) We got in the car and Clark blindfolded me so fast I didn’t know what was happening. We drove for a while listening to our Spotify playlist of all the songs that remind us of each other – The playlist is called Soupsnakes for all you lovers of the TV show The Office out there.

We got to the location and Clark guided me (still blindfolded) to our favorite spot in Atlanta. It’s the highest altitude point in the city where you can see the best view of the skyline and it was right at sunset. Amazing. And it explained the time-sensitivity, so I let the Tres Leches cake go ;) Clark and I had so many powerful and meaningful moments at this spot, so it felt like the perfect place to end our anniversary. Clark and I write each other letters a lot, so he gave me a letter (I was still clueless) and stood there with me while I read it.

He told me how much he loved me, what he sees in me, and how excited he is to love and change the world with me. I gave him the letter back and we just hugged. After, he told me he had one more surprise. Still clueless, I said “what is it?” and Clark dropped to one knee.

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It surprised me so much that I turned around and took off in the other direction about 6-10 feet. True story. Don’t worry, I came back.

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When I did, I think I caught Clark off guard because it felt like forever until he finally said “will you marry me?”

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Of course I replied, “YES!” We hugged and kissed and processed for a little. I told Clark that I always wondered how I would react to this and I was so at peace – I never want to forget how that felt.

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Then after a while, he asked me if I wanted to take pictures and pointed out one of our good friends, Sterling Graves, just a few steps away. No clue how I didn’t see him when I took off running – HA! We took some pictures, had so much fun, and after the celebrating continued when Clark surprised me with a bunch of our friends at Octane, a coffee shop in Atlanta. We have been overjoyed and celebrating ever since! What’s not to celebrate? Cheers to marrying the most sentimental and thoughtful man on earth, am I right?

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Special Thanks

Sterling Graves
 | Photography
Kristin Coffin
 | Engagement Ring