Samantha and Christopher


How We Met

Me and Chris went to the same college and had mutual friends but didn’t meet until Halloween weekend after we had both graduated.


We had both come back to school for the weekend to see friends and we met at the local college bar.


I had noticed him at a party before the bar so when I saw him again at the bar I walked up and asked him if he wanted to be my friend.


We started dating a few months after that!

how they asked

Chris and I were in Germany for a week long vacation. We had gone to the Neuschwanstein castle the day before and Chris kept commenting about how he was disappointed it wasn’t as romantic as he thought.

The next day was his birthday and we had planned to go to Dachau concentration camp but he decided to take my to another palace instead; he said he wanted us to have our one romantic day in Germany.


So we went to the palace the next day and it was a rainy Wednesday so it was pretty much empty besides us. We went to see the royal gardens and he proposed! It was the perfect proposal and the best birthday gift for him.