Samantha and Christian

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How We Met

Samantha and I met during our freshman year of high school at Notre Dame in Lawrenceville, NJ in 2005, after I tried to crack a joke and impress her around a group of friends. Looking back, we still laugh about that fateful encounter that would spiral into what has now become an everlasting love. Throughout high school we remained extremely close, friendly and outwardly flirty but somehow we never ended up dating. After high school graduation, I ventured off to Virginia Tech while she studied at West Chester University in PA. We were able to maintain our great friendship even being 400 miles apart. However, everything changed after our sophomore year of college. By this time, our conversations were more in-depth, both intellectually and emotionally.

I began to feel myself falling for her brain and her soul, as I had already fallen for her looks years back. Summer after our sophomore year of college, 2011 I believe, a bunch of our high school friends got together and rented a beach house in the Outer Banks, NC. Although Samantha didn’t make the trip down, I found myself thinking about her during that week all the time and staying up late texting or calling her. As soon as I got home from this vacation with friends I knew exactly what I was going to do. During that summer, and after some persistence, we ventured into this great adventure of love and haven’t looked back since! Ever since that day, we have been inseparable, through the 2 years of long distance in college, countless road trips to visiting each other on the weekends, and plenty of adventures along the way.

how they asked

I wanted to make sure that Sam had the most memorable proposal and one that she had always dreamed of. After moving into a new house, I knew this was the type of everlasting memory that would start our lives together here. And let me tell you, it is not the easiest thing to do, trying to plan a surprise engagement when you are living under the same roof as someone! A few weeks before my planned proposal, I had called up Sam’s dad on the phone and told him that I wanted to meet with him and ask his permission for her hand in marriage. After that conversation, the real work started. A year prior we had visited Lauren B Jewelry in NYC, and Samantha fell in love with their work. I knew then, that this was the place I was going to buy her ring.

Two weeks prior to the proposal, I would make the trip to NYC from our house in Bucks County, PA, where I worked with Lauren B Jewelry to totally custom design the ring of her dreams. It’s not easy telling your future wife that you can’t talk to her most of the day because you are “jam packed with meetings and deadlines”, but it was worth it to ensure this remained a total surprise. In the weeks leading up to the proposal I recruited the help of Samantha’s mom to ask if she could recommend any local photographers to capture this moment. After I had the photographer chosen, I told her what my vision for what the perfect proposal would look like… rose petals on the floor, candles leading out to our back porch, a beautiful decorated arch with lights.. and there I would be waiting under the arch to ask Samantha to marry me. With the help of her sisters and parents, we were able to get Sam out of the house on the day of the proposal while I covertly rushed home from work to clear the space where everything would unfold later.

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Waiting on the deck, I heard her footsteps, then suddenly they stopped. At this moment (which seemed like an eternity), I knew both of our lives were going to change forever. She followed the path of rose petals and candles out to where I was waiting on the back porch.

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To where I told her that I couldn’t picture my life without her, from the moment we met, to the day that I die, that I wanted her yesterday, I want her today, and I’ll want her forever. I got down on one knee, and the next thing you know I got myself a fiance’! Both of our families were waiting to celebrate with us after the proposal, and to this day, I dare you to find a luckier man.

Rosemarie (the photographer) did a fabulous job and brought to life everything I had envisioned. Samantha, her family and I all met up at a local bar as a “cover-up” to why we needed her out of the house. After we had a drink, I rushed home so I could get on the back porch, under the arch, before she walked in the house.

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Special Thanks

Rosemarie Masso
 | Photographer