Samantha and Chase

How We Met

Chase and I met on Tinder in July of 2016 and clicked immediately, the conversation was so easy and fun. We decided we had to meet in person and met at a Mexican restaurant. Chase says I was shy at first but I don’t believe him. We decided to go indoor mini golfing, because you know Seattle weather. We grabbed a couple beers and decided to make a friendly wager- winner gets a kiss! I started off strong on the first hole- with a hole in one! I think it was safe to say Chase was feeling nervous. Luckily for him, his luck picked up and he ended up winning. As we left the building and walked out into the rain I awarded Chase his prize- a kiss! From that first date we spent nearly every weekend together. I remember sitting at a bar on one of our first few dates and Chase asked me what cut of diamond I would want in an engagement ring- I remember thinking- Is this guy for real? As you’ll see, he delivered on the Emerald cut ring of my dreams. I knew I loved Chase on our first trip together to Cabo San Lucas. We shared headphones and lip-synced to all our favorite songs. Anyone I could have that much fun with on a boring flight is someone I wanted to be with forever. We continued traveling together a lot that year including to my home town of Boise about a year after we met. After being in town for 2 days, in true Chase fashion, he declared we were going to move here. Needless to say, a month later we were building our new home. Once we were moved in we really seriously started discussing getting engaged and every major trip or outing I kept thinking “is this it?” Despite this, I was still totally shocked when it did actually happen.

How They Asked

About a month before the proposal Chase and our Realtor Mike were talking about a fundraising event for the local building association. Mike offered us his extra 2 tickets and we gladly accepted. I was so excited to go to a formal gala and ordered a new dress for the occasion. Every once in a while he’d ask little details like “do you want chicken or fish for the dinner?” And “I’m going to order us a Towncar so we don’t have to worry about driving” The day of the event Chase was saying his stomach felt odd and I smartly asked, “oh, why, are you nervous about tonight?” NO, I didn’t know he was actually nervous about proposing later that night.

Samantha's Proposal in CW MOORE Penthouse Boise ID

I had plans to get my makeup done and was debating getting my nails done for the event and like a good boyfriend, chase told me to. As I was finishing up at the nail salon and heading to get makeup done I got a call from Chase that Men’s Warehouse gave him the wrong suit- that it was crazy colored and no way could he wear it. He was heading there to get it exchanged for something he could wear.

He told me not to worry worst case scenario he would meet me there! I said ok and finished getting makeup done and headed home to get dressed up. Chase called again to say he got his suit squared away but would meet me there and he had a car scheduled to pick me up. A town car came to pick me up as scheduled and I headed to the venue. When I got there I was surprised the doors were locked. As I was texting chase and woman came up and let me in. She asked if I was here for the event and I said yes.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in CW MOORE Penthouse Boise ID

She escorted me to the elevators and said: “it looks lovely you’ll have a great night”. When the elevators opened up there was a sign that said “chase and Samantha 2016-forever” at first I was confused. Then I turned the corner and the room was filled with rose petals, photos of us and chase was standing on the other side of the room under balloons at that said: “Marry Me?” There was even a photographer there. I was in shock and started slowly walking toward him. I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling with happiness. Chase got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and said yes! The ring was perfect and he designed it himself-

Samantha and Chase's Engagement in CW MOORE Penthouse Boise ID

He even thought to deck me out with a t-shirt, mug and ornament souvenirs. It was a magical evening with champagne, photos and dancing on the rooftop and even my family came by after! I can’t believe I get to marry this thoughtful, amazing man so soon!

Special Thanks

Nate Perkes
 | Photographer