Samantha and Brian

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How We Met

Well! it’s a pretty long, interesting story. Brian and I met in high school at the school trip in Hershey, Pa. We were both in a club called DECA and our schools were at the state competition. My roommate for the trip was going to meet her college roommate on the trip and she happened to go to Brian’s high school. We were meeting her and some of her friends and they were sitting with kids from their school. That’s when I saw him. He was athletic and had the pretty blue eyes I have ever seen. We met, exchanged phone numbers and luckily, he lived on the other side of Pittsburgh.

We ended up going on a date a week later and we dated for a few months our senior year of high school. With college approaching and crazy schedules, we decided to stop dating and just stayed in touch as friends. We stayed friends for many years throughout college. We would meet up on Christmas breaks to have dinner if we were both single, we texted almost everyday or every other day as well. I would call him a lot to and from school ( I went to school 2.5 hrs away from my home town) and he would send me flowers on my birthday sometimes.

Fast forward to 2014 when we both graduated college and were working full time, Brian was selling cars and I needed a new one. I went to the group of dealerships he worked at (his dad manages them by the way) and he sold me my car. While I was there, his father found out I went to school for PR and marketing and they needed a new marketing manager. He asked me to apply, I did and he really like me for the position. Before I was even hired he asked Brian, “Are you sure you’re JUST friends. I don’t need any relationship drama in our office.” to which Brian said, “He, just friends nothing more.” So, I was hired.

I started a few weeks after I applied and began working with Brian and his father basically. That following Friday, Brian asked me to go to dinner to a local place called Francos. I of course said yes, they had amazing food and Brian and I always had fun together. WELL, we went and had an awesome time. I had the butterflies I once did when I was 18 and knew I would be in trouble…. We kept meeting to go see movies and have dinner together, soon realizing the only reason we haven’t been together all these years was because we were always far apart. The rest is history :)

how they asked

He was amazing to say the least. He had my ring custom made from scratch and it took a few weeks. While this was happening he planned the whole thing. I was away at a bachelorette party Memorial Day week and that’s when it started, he went over to ask my father for his permission and then asked my closest family members to be there when he had the place set.

On Saturday, June 10, we planned to have dinner with our parents that night at Francos because we had been meaning to do it for awhile. My mom was in on the whole plan so she suggested we spend the day together (he planned it of course and I had 0 idea). My mom and I love to get together and go shopping, etc. So that day, we got our nails done, went to lunch and went shopping and spent the day together doing what mothers and daughters do. She always made sure I bought a new dress (wink, wink).

That night, my dad came to pick us up so we could all go to dinner together. Brian works Saturdays and told me “he was running late” and I needed to bring him clothes to change in to. Of course being myself I made sure he had options (looking back I should have known something was up!) We arrived and the whole back room of the restaurant was closed off, but I could see JUST his mom and dad, so I thought nothing of it. When I walked into the room Brian was in a dress shirt and jeans (not his work clothes) our song History in the Making by Darius Rucker was playing in the background (he played it to be on our second date in high school back in 2010), and I looked to the right and there was all of our closest friends and family taking pictures in videos. Brian got down on one knee and told me from the moment we met, he knew I was always going to be a special person in his life.. he asked me to marry him and I, of course said YES!

It was the most magically planned out day ever.

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