Samantha and Billy

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On December 13th 2015, Billy took me on an adventure for our first date. He knew I loved longisland history, so he brought me to the Vanderbilt Mansion. ( we wanted to go to the planetarium but a children show was playing that day) … So we made it a tradition to visit the mansion each year on our anniversary. Again last year we didn’t get to view a planetarium show cause again, another children show was playing. So this year .. as our tradition.. we visited the mansion as we promised each year to do so. But this time it was different ! There was finally a “show” playing at the planetarium he got “tickets” for. So we walked down… ( I am completeley clueless still) and with help of the directors at the mansion. They put on an act and preteneded we needed to wait for the “group” coming to see the show we were seeing. Billy sat me down and “ ran to the bathroom” little did i know what was about to happen. The director of the “show” asked me if I would like to watch a project he has been working on. So I was down obv…. well.. NOW this BEAUTIFUL MOVIE starts to play with one of me and Billys songs. ( movie is up on youtube) All of our favorite movies, to pictures of memories. To HIM DOING CARPOOL KAROAKE WITH ALL MY LOVED ONES!!! .. I was SHOCKED!!! cryinggggg … shaking… smiling where my cheekbones hurt. Well once the movie ended… he got down on one knee and I LOST IT!! All the feels! I said YES !

And then bam!!! our families and my bestfriend came out from HIDING!!

Still mind blown. My heart is so happy!

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