Samantha and Austin

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How We Met

Our love story began the summer of 2009. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, over 7 years ago, going on 8. We met originally in 8th grade. Austin said he had a class with me and had his eye on me ever since. However, I was a good studious girl and to tell you the truth, don’t remember that part of class ;-) Later in life, we met each other through mutual friends. He has always told me that a mutual friend of his I dated in high school first explained me to him and said “Austin, she’s a girl version of you!” At that point, he made it his mission to date me.

Fast forward to summer of 2009….. we were now fresh graduates from high school and both newly single. My brother and his wife and Austins sister and her husband were both the best of friends. Once both their little brother (Austin) and little sister (Me, Sam) both became single at the same time, I received a phone call late one night that would forever change my life. Austins sister, Casie, and my brothers wife called me up. (Can you tell we live in a small town yet?) They told me how a pre-planned trip to Holiday World was set for that summer, for Austin and I. It was a free trip fresh out of high school, so we both immediately said “Heck yes!” We had the time of our lives at Holiday World! Sparks ignited and we began to fall in love from that very weekend. We’ve even managed to go back to where the magic all happened, twice actually, since 2009 for old times sake. Our relationship has been amazing, adventurous, never dull, and always based on love in everything we do. We both have a passion for cars and racing. He taught me to drive my first stick shift. I now drive a 6 speed and he always makes sure I tell everyone I can “speed shift”. (It’s a racing technique.) He got me into his church, being a servant and devoted to God, and we both love to be adventurous whether it be riding our 4 wheelers through the woods or having slip n slide parties in our front yard for all our friends and family. (I promise we aren’t all fun and games. We can clean up pretty nice!) I’m usually nervous and anxious and a worry wart, but cool calm and collective to the eye. He doesn’t have a care in the world, but is ADHD and is constantly bouncing around like a little bumblebee or pacing back and forth.. We are the perfect balance for each other with our differences combined. Yet, our personalities, compassion, and humor are the same. We base our relationship off having a dang good time! Why not? Life’s short, and we are the best of friends!

how they asked

The video explains it all! Cop pulls us over, pretends to arrest Austin, and take pics of “evidence”. Some may say it’s cheesy, not romantic, or scary if anything. Maybe it is? But not to me. Remember how I said we have a love for racing, fast cars, etc? This was right up our alley. I’ve been pulled over probably close to 50 times with him. Whether it be for racing or speeding, this was no new encounter for us. I was confident he would weasle his way out of this ticket. Actually, I was REALLY confident. He wasn’t even speeding this time! He was driving under the speed limit the whole time and it started to make me wonder if he was feeling ill ;-) come to find out, he was just nervous as all get out for our proposal. The nervousness for the proposal played off well with him being “fake arrested”. I thought it was a routine traffic stop as usual until they asked Austin and myself to get out of the car. Then panic sank in. Some anger… as I thought “hey, I had nothing to do with this. I’m innocent!” Of course I didn’t say this. Once the scenario played out and I saw the ring at the end, it all made since. He exceeded every expectation I asked. 1. Please have someone take a pic or 2. Record the proposal if possible. 3. Make it original (that it was!) 4. Don’t be cliche. I want to have ZERO clue I’m about to be proposed to. I obviously knew it was coming sooner than later since we had picked out the ring together a few months prior.

Man, did he not nail that one?! It’s not every girls sappy dream proposal, but then again we aren’t you’re typical couple either. It’s perfect for us, and that’s all that matters! Hope you all enjoy our crazy, adventurous story.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Barry Morgan, Detective/Officer in video
 | Scott County Sheriffs Department
Wild Story Photography
 | Videography production
Casie McGill
 | Sister in law of Groom