Samantha and Austin

Where to Propose in Breckenridge, Colorado

How We Met

Austin and I met through my sister, Stephanie. I was working at a local bar in our small town, and my sister was dating his cousin. His cousin, friends, and Austin used to come into the bar on the weekends, mostly because my sister was there and the fact that it was one out the two only bars in the town. When I had asked my sister what his deal was, she raved on and on about how good of a guy he was, but he was in a relationship and so was I so there was that. I had tried to talk to him when he was in the bar, but I couldn’t get more than a “Hey Sam” from him.. My sister passed away suddenly in July 2013 and my world was turned upside down. I had ended my long-term relationship and was ready to focus on myself, my happiness, and adapting to the new normal without her here. A little over a year after she passed, while I was sitting in class, Austin had messaged me on social media. He too was now single and was making small talk. He had asked me on a date, but between college classes, and working, it would have needed to be on a Monday or Tuesday when I was off. He adjusted and offered to cook me dinner. I was hesitant given that no other man had ever offered to cook me dinner besides my dad. I agreed and was so nervous the night of. He had given me his address, and I had gotten lost…keep in mind, we lived in the same county and I was so nervous that I got lost. Thankfully, that was the end of the nerves that entire night, he made me feel comfortable and we chatted the entire time about anything and everything, and it was just easy which I desperately needed at this stage in life. I left his house feeling so excited about this new adventure and thanking Steph for whatever role she had in it.

How They Asked

Austin really loves to Ski and I could care less about the sport, but I was interested in sipping coffee and exploring a snow-covered town; we had been trying to plan a trip to Colorado over the course of two years. I had planned in June 2019 that I was going to plan a trip to Colorado for his Christmas gift and that I would plan to go in January so that we could spend Christmas with our families. I had asked my best friend, Brooke to help me plan this trip and asked for her and her boyfriend to come with us. The planning had begun and for the biggest surprise that I had ever planned. Little did I know, that my best friend and Austin were also planning on their own. In January 2020, the night before the trip, Austin and I had packed together – I kept asking him if we needed to bring a carry on for anything, Austin said no; with that answer, I knew that no one in their right mind would put a ring through checked luggage so clearly, it wasn’t going to happen; We flew to Breckenridge, Colorado, it was the dreamiest little town and felt like you were in a real-life snow globe.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Breckenridge, Colorado

On the last night, before we went to dinner, Austin was acting so strange, I had asked him if there was something wrong and he responded that he was drunk, I knew that was not true because he had been skiing the entire day. I asked him to rate his intoxication on a scale from 1-10 knowing there was something up, He rated it a 4 and I immediately told him to stop acting weird and get it together before dinner. There happened to be an Ice Sculpture festival, so after dinner, we had stopped at the Starbucks in the town, this is where Brooke and Austin did the swap of the ring before we headed to the sculptures. Brooke, Tyler, and I had already stopped by to see them earlier that day while Austin was skiing so I moved through them pretty quickly and on our way out of the festival, there were these trees that were covered in lights; it had started to snow and felt like a dream and would quickly turn into reality when we stopped to get a picture and Austin proposed right there. The surprise that I had been planning for him ended up being the best surprise of my life and by far the easiest “YES”.