Samantha and Aneil


How We Met

We met six years ago at a wedding-his friend from high school married my friend from college. We were all out for drinks after the rehearsal dinner and, without either of us knowing, one of my best friends spent the whole night vetting the cute groomsman to figure out if he was good enough to set up with me.

He must have passed the test because she was talking him up all day leading up to the wedding. She convinced me (which it didn’t take a lot of) and I got the courage to get his bumping into him on the dance floor. That didn’t work, but he did notice me during the after party when I took off my heels and replaced them with my Where the Wild Things Are slippers.

We ended up talking all night and I left him my phone number. He had just started his first year of law school in Boston and I lived in Brooklyn, so we spent the next eight months texting each other and becoming pretty good friends. We finally went out on a date when he came home for the summer, and the awkwardness we feared lasted all of five minutes before we picked up right where we had left off all those months before.

how they asked

I have been fascinated with the royal family my whole life. My earliest memories were of my Princess Diana paper dolls, complete with a fold out Buckingham Palace, and pretending to be the Queen riding in her taxi with guards on all sides (we still don’t know when the taxi idea came from).

When I found out that Aneil was born in England and the majority of his family still lived there he definitely got a slew of extra bonus points. After five years of dating, we were finally able to plan a visit so that I could meet everyone. It happened to also be in August, when Buckingham Palace is open to the public for tours.

I was so excited that I cried printing out the tickets. When the day came, I stood outside of the gates and started to cry again, overwhelmed to be somewhere that I had dreamed of my whole life. We were told that it would take about two hours to go through the whole tour. Three hours later, I was still taking in every inch or every room, and Aneil was acting

fidgety. I started to get annoyed that he was rushing through this experience and that he wasn’t fascinated by every “fun fact” I shared with him. The tour let out on the back garden, where  suggested sitting on a bench to relax


a little. I, on the other hand, could not relax and kept taking pictures and videos until he had to take my phone out of my hand. It was then that he also started reaching for something in his pocket and got down on one knee, while I started to cry for an entirely different reason..