Samantha and Andrew

How We Met

We went to secondary school together, and were very good friends, we stayed in touch long distance while I went to university and Andrew took an apprenticeship. We hadnt seen each other for a couple of years, when I was then waiting to meet a friend outside a pub, when he walked past so we began chatting again and soon after dating!

how they asked

Andrew told me he had booked his last day of holiday off because a girl he works with had won something in a raffle but couldn’t do it herself so he had bought it off her and we were foing to do it, but he wouldnt tell me what we were doing. So it wasnt until we’d practically pulled into the carpark for the Warner Bros Studio Tour that I clocked we were going to Harry Potter World! So we went round the tour, and when we got to Platform 9 and 3/4 he said he wanted a photo of both of us together pushing the trolly through the wall, and went off to find someone to take the picture. When he came back we walked to the trolley, and I realised he was holding a Harry Potter book, at which point I said “What are you doing, we’re meant to be having a photo not shopping!” He then started to talking, telling me how he was so excited to push the trolley through the wall with me to start our new adventure together, got down on one knee and opened the Harry Potter book. He had hand cut a square in the book pages, so the page you could see was the chapter titled ‘The Unbreakable Vow’, he had hung some ribbon down, and my perfect ring was tied to the ribbon.