Samantha and Andrew

How We Met: Andrew was born in Louisiana, then moved to Houston, then moved to Charleston, then moved back to Houston, lived for a while in Louisiana… and ended up in Houston. Andrew enjoys being active – he loves skiing, skydiving, scuba diving, mountain climbing, playing basketball, baseball, football and much much more.

Samantha was born in Scotland and moved to Houston in 1995. She attended the University of Alabama and then returned to Houston to pursue a career in marketing. Samantha enjoys joining Andrew in whatever adventure or hobby he is pursuing. She loves taking her dogs to the dog park, girls nights, designing their homes and traveling.

2Andrew and Samantha met in high school through mutual friends. Andrew went off to Ole Miss and Samantha, who was considering going there, went to visit during her senior year. She met up with Andrew while visiting the campus and thought he was very charming and cute, but ultimately decided to go elsewhere.

After college, Andrew and Samantha reconnected and began dating. After only a few months together, Andrew got Samantha a dog and there was no looking back. Three dogs and four years later they are planning a wedding!

how they asked: Andrew is an avid skydiver, so it was only appropriate that Andrew would pop the question to me during free fall! Everyone at the drop zone, as well as many of our friends and relatives were in on the plan. I had no idea it was going to happen (although there had been several clear signs), so I was in no rush to get on a plane and jump. My friend Sarah was going to be jumping for her first time and I was just enjoying hanging out at the dropzone.

I did not know that many of our friends were waiting in their cars for us to go up so they could arrive, set up and celebrate. Several hours later, we finally got on the plane and I jumped out with my tandem instructor, Nate.


Andrew then jumped out, caught up to me, showed me a ring and proposed – and then quickly fell below us. My parachute was then pulled and I had to wait for what felt like forever to get to the ground. Once I landed, Andrew walked up to me and got down on one knee and we celebrated with our friends and family. It was by far one of the happiest moments of my life.

Photo and Video by: West Side Skydivers