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How We Met

It was June of 2013. Both Sam and Andy were fresh out of law school and full of “vim and vigor” working as newly appointed criminal defense attorneys at the Public Defender’s Office in Jacksonville. Taking a much needed vacation, Andy was headed to Key West with 4 other couples and was the “odd man out.” Thinking she would never actually accept the invitation, Andy asked Sam if she would like to come along. Luckily for him, she said “yes!”

It wasn’t until after they returned to Jacksonville that Andy actually asked Sam out on their first date. Sam had made it no secret during their trip that she was a huge Harry Potter fan. Ironically, Andy had never read the books or much less watched the movies. However on the ride back from Key West, Andy and Sam listened to the first Harry Potter audiobook on her iPad and that was just the inspiration he needed for a magical first date.

The next week at work, Andy sent Sam an “Owl Post” via an email service at work. Rather than the traditional “dinner and movie,” Andy offered to cook dinner, and then they could watch the first Harry Potter movie together. It was a magical date that lasted almost 4 years.

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how they asked

Andy had a plan for a romantic proposal. However the weather in Florida was not cooperating. It had been raining almost every day for 5 weeks, and he was watching the weather so closely he was contemplating a second career as a meteorologist. Finally, he saw a break in the weather and initiated his secret proposal.

He chartered a sailboat for a private sunset cruise, he bought champagne, and ordered some of her favorites foods for dinner. To ensure her surprise, Andy told Sam they were going out on a friend’s boat with a few couples for the evening. After arriving at the marina, alone with no other couples, Sam and Andy set sail together, with a ring in his pocket.

A good love story always contains a bit of adventure and this one was no different. Shortly after leaving the dock, high winds and a bad storm started blowing up from the south of the river, forcing their boat to turn north. Approaching downtown Jacksonville, Andy noticed something in the water that looked like an overturned vessel. Upon closer inspection, it was in fact an overturned boat and with debris scattered across the river. Since they were the first to arrive on the scene of the accident, a call was made to the Coast Guard and Andy’s private sunset cruise now officially became a search and rescue operation until emergency responders took over.

Finally, after weathering high winds, heavy seas, a capsized vessel, and assisting the Coast Guard, a beautiful sunset was beginning to form on the horizon. And it was under that sunset; Andy got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked Sam to “set sail” with him for the rest of their lives.


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