Samantha and Alexi

Samantha and Alexi's Engagement in Sydney, Australia

How We Met

I was a bridesmaid at a relatives wedding. One of the groomsmen decided to be Cupid that night and introduced me to Alexi. With my entire family surrounding us, I hesitantly engaged in conversation with him. Once we got talking it was like fireworks went off. We exchanged numbers and then the rest was History!

Samantha's Proposal in Sydney, Australia

Where to Propose in Sydney, Australia

How They Asked

I have always had a harsh criteria for whenever Alexi decided to propose. “Make sure I am dressed nice, hair, make up, nails done and Let’s Get Married by Jagged Edge has to be playing”.

My fiancé had a perfect idea of arranging professional photos as a birthday gift for me. So…I went out and got a new outfit, got my hair, make up and nails done. We get to the beautiful beach location where we met with our photographer and took some amazing shots together along the coastline. I already knew that the photos were something we would cherish forever. We walked towards the rotunda where @myproposalco had the most amazing spread set up! Let’s Get Married by Jagged Edge started playing as my now fiancé got down on one knee and asked me for his hand in marriage. The day was perfect, we took some more photos and then indulged some champagne and a cheese board as the day passed and we enjoyed the most precious moment of our lives so far!

Special Thanks

my proposal co
 | Planning
my proposal co
 | Styling
Kyle Ingram Photography
 | Photographer