Samantha and Alexander

How We Met

Alex and I during the Spring of 2010 through a mutual friend. Alex was always the quiet and shy one. Never in a million years would I have thought from the first time we met we would be getting married. We officially began dating July 14, 2010 and we’ve been writing our love story ever since. On August 14, 2015, we were married. <3

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how they asked

For my 22nd birthday, Alex got me a 500 piece puzzle of one of my favorite pictures of us in Chicago, IL. Alex had put it all together and framed it before he gave it to me. I had said that I wanted to do it together one day so we decided to do it sometime over winter break. I had brought it to Alex’s house but we didn’t have time to do it so the next time Alex came over to my parent’s house he brought it over already pulled apart in a bag. We had started completing the puzzle but I had hit my head earlier in the day so I went to a chiropractor appointment. That being said, my family was left to do some of the puzzle together with Alex.

After my appointment, I had a few missed messages from my dad (he never lies either) to go pick up some last minute groceries for dinner. When I got home, my dad told me to go lay on the couch to ice her neck.

Little did I know, Alex was in the other room, on one knee right next to the puzzle! They had finished the words that were on the NEW puzzle. Alex switched the puzzles out on me! I looked down at the puzzle on the table, and read “Will You Marry Me?” I immediately said “YES!” It turns out that the groceries that I needed to pick up were just a stall tactic to finish more of the puzzle. Alex did a great job keeping it a secret and his creativity amazed me.

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The rest of the night was filled with calling some family members and finishing the puzzle!