Samantha and Alex

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How We Met

If you’re reading this, I hope that by now you’re aware of skinny jeans on boys and oversized clothes on girls. It’s been the musician/sorority girl rite of passage for the past decade. Odd enough by themselves, and might as well be Bigfoot when seen together. Well, that’s where we begin.

The first time I met Alex we were celebrating the marriage of two our best friends. Alex happened to live in the house they would be moving into and where the wife (Kylie) was already living. I was a senior in college and entirely too terrified of the amount of freedom life was about to hand me, but still too prideful to be honest about it. The initial meeting was short and short of memorable (in my opinion). But, it didn’t take long for me to notice the skinny jean wearing, guitar playing, philosophical/theological speaking, deep thinking man I thought I wouldn’t remember. So, I did what any good girl does when she realizes that mix of qualities is more endearing than she could ever be prepared for — I said no and made sure he kept his distance.

“Is she single?” I joked as I asked everyone that knew her. You know — I had to play it cool in case someone else was a step ahead of me. Lucky for me she was. Unfortunately she wasn’t having any of my southern charm. Even with the drawl, the manners, and the innocent yet dangerous looks, I struck out. We meandered on, casually running in to each other, which we both KNEW was going to happen since all our mutual friends were my neighbors.

Fast-forward one year — a year that saw Sam turn me down (twice) — we finally went on our first, “this isn’t a date,” date.

I think there were a few of those. Over the next six months his persistence became more and more unwavering and I found myself eagerly carving out more time to talk with him when we’d “accidentally” run into each other or go on, “this isn’t a date,” dates. I had never seen a passion for loving others like his, or met anyone who sees Jesus as out of the box as he does and it sparked excitement and fear in me. He wasn’t just any other guy. If I was going to be friends with him our relationship was about to make a change.

FINALLY, as Sam was preparing to move for nursing school, she decided I was worth a shot. Seems kind of non-commital right? Either way, I was beyond excited to just spend time with her. We started formally dating on my birthday and went to Orlando to meet the Siviglia’s and crash a great friend’s honeymoon at Disney World. In my mind, that excursion solidified what I had hastily told Sam over a year before; that God had us being together. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

I was certain the 12-hour car ride to Orlando would make for an awkward week, but it just set the stage for a long relationship of deep conversation, lots of laughter, and a deeper respect for what God was doing and how little I truly understood his plan. A semester in Nashville was long enough and we knew we were ready to be in the same city again. It takes a brave man to move with no job and purposefully interrupt a girl in nursing school but, might I say, he rose to the occasion in the most gracious of ways.

A couple years or so later (much later than Sam would have liked) here we are, ready to tie the knot. We’re both extremely excited to have the opportunity to share our love and Jesus’ with each other.

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how they asked

What’s more fun than moving on a holiday weekend? I came home from work Friday night just in time as my boyfriend (Alex), his friend, and my roommates finished loading our U-Haul to then drive to our new house and unpack it. It was Easter weekend and the list of things we all wanted and needed to do was long so I knew the boys would want to move quick. But something about their speed of packing that truck was impressive. A three bedroom house shared by girls was safely packed and loaded in under 2 hours. Well the unloading process was even faster, after 45 minutes the U-Haul was full and our new house was full of boxes.

When I walked in and asked if I could help, I tried to give Alex a “hello” kiss and hug but he would barely look me in the eye. I brushed it off because he was hot, sweaty, and moving my stuff on a Friday night, which he offered to do. When we finally had a moment alone among the boxes that filled my new bedroom, we discussed our Saturday plans. I needed to finish moving my clothes from the old house and clean some things up and ask for his help. He said we’d meet at my old house at 10:30 am. I went to grab a box in the kitchen and turned around to find him and his roommate in the U-Haul driving away without as much as telling me goodbye!! At this point, I was starting to get frustrated.

Saturday morning rolls around and I text him to touch base about our time and never hear back. I tried calling. He didn’t respond so I texted again. So instead of waiting around my roommates and I had so much work to be done between the two house we went ahead and took care of it. In the midst of our errands Alex finally calls, at this point it’s 1:30pm. I answered the call and he tells me he had been asleep, which was slightly concerning, but was meeting up with people at 2 and didn’t have time to come by. He then apologized for how busy he’s been the last two weeks, and that he’d like to take me on a date to make it up to me.

You see, he hadn’t just avoided me for one evening, but had been avoiding me since a trip we got back from two weeks prior. I had no idea why. We had a few discussions about how busy he was and as a nurse my schedule fluctuates so much so I assumed we were just missing each other but something felt off. It was such a sweet and reassuring moment (yet again), to hear him continuing to pursue me by setting up our date that night that nothing else seemed to matter. Hot and sweaty in my workout clothes, with no makeup and three day old unwashed hair, I never expected it to be anything more than just a regular date.

Until he shows up 5 minutes after we arrive at our new house with three cars full of the last few things from the old house, which happened to be mostly mind. (I’m aware of my shoe addiction, I’m working on it). By this time it’s almost 4:00pm, and he insists we get ready to go to dinner. Mind blown by my apparent appearance and the three loaded cars, I said no way. I told him the only way I was going was if all these cars were unpacked, which he made happen very quickly in his nice button down shirt and jeans. I was still totally unaware that there was anything going on other than him being hungry. Once we finished unloading, I planned to unpack, like any other person who moved into a new house would be. So that’s what I started doing. He became so persistent about us leaving for dinner that at one point I looked at him and said, “fine, I will go in my work out clothes, not having showered since it’s so important to you.” To which he responded, ” but I thought we were going on a date.” Yep. He said that. My face showed it all, I not so nicely asked him to leave my room and quickly threw on whatever I found in my closet that could go with my very dirty hair and makeup-less face.

When I walked out of my room, I apologized to my roommates for leaving and blamed it on Alex’s hunger. But for some reason the only question they kept asking me was if I wanted to put makeup on. I must have told them no 10 times and finally walked out because I was so offended that they were so concerned with my appearance. Alex decided to take me to one our of favorite “mom and pop” style Italian restaurants by my new house. As we approached the restaurant he didn’t turn in though, he went around this long way behind this white coffee shop and art gallery. He insisted we walked so we could talk. He walked me towards the coffeeshop instead of the restaurant and asked “I’m sorry about today, but can we enjoy tonight?” Melt my heart, I told him of course. As we kept walking towards this coffee shop, I pointed towards the restaurant and said, we need to go that way.

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That was the moment when he looked at me and pulled me towards a beautiful layout of candles and flowers and said, but I need to ask you a question first. My mind was blown. In that moment I realized all the little pieces that weren’t make sense were finally coming together. He got down on one knee, looked up at me and told me how nervous he was and then said “I love you so much, Will you marry me?”

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From that moment on I didn’t stop laughing. He had our friends hide in a car that wasn’t there’s and photograph the entire thing, and then surprised me again with a dinner that included both of our out of town families, to be followed by a party of our closest friends in Nashville. I laughed and smiled the entire night! It was so unreal. There was about a 10 minute period when our photographer friends popped out of the car and started asking me how I was feeling and I couldn’t put it into to words. There was just joy in the form of laughter.

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And that has been such a theme in our relationship. I’m so thankful Alex is the kind of man that is going to carry that into our marriage. My mother even commented when I picked my wedding dress out, that I chose the dress I was laughing and giddy in. Sure there were happy tears, but there was so much joy that I couldn’t comprehend expressing it any other way than laughing.

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