Samantha and Alex

Image 1 of Samantha and Alex

How We Met

Alex was my best friends engineering partner our first year in college at Ohio State. We met at Thomson library because I stopped by to grab something from my best friend and he happened to be there!

How They Asked

Alex and I decided to visit a friend in California. While there Yosemite reopened (due to Covid it was shut down) and we had the opportunity to go on an incredible 26 mile hike. At mile 10.52 we found ourselves at a beautiful outlook for the valley called Taft point. Alex got down on one knee and asked if I want to spend the rest of forever hiking together. He carried the ring all the way up 10.52 miles in a 3D printed ring box that he designed! Luckily our friend was stationed not too far away to capture the photo and Alex captured the audio on his phone.