Samantha and Alan

Where to Propose in Fahrenheit Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

How We Met

Alan and I met in Charlotte, NC in 2010. Our friendship started after crossing paths on multiple occasions. After a few years of being friends we both knew that we wanted more than just a friendship. We took a slow pace with our relationship because we wanted to make sure that it was the real deal. During the last 4 years we have created tons of memories. We have lived, laughed, and loved each another unconditionally through thick and thin.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Fahrenheit Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Fahrenheit Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

How They Asked

The day before Valentine’s Day Alan told me plans to have dinner the next day at a “surprise” restaurant. I did not think anything of it since I know he is a very spontaneous person that does everything at the last minute. I planned to leave work early on Valentine’s Day to get ready for our date.

Proposal Ideas Fahrenheit Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

On the morning of Valentine’s Day 2018, he surprised my daughter, Mia, with a Minnie and Mickey Mylar balloon that wowed her as soon as she saw it. Her eyes lit up. My heart melted when I saw how happy she was when she received the gift. After that, we headed downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. Little did I know it was my turn for a surprise. Alan perfectly put together a bouquet of red roses, a Mylar balloon with “I Love You” printed on it, and a lovely card that read “Every Year with You Is Sweeter than the Last”. I loved the details and all the thought put into the idea. From there we both went to work and continued with our daily schedules.

Samantha Reyes and Alan's Engagement in Fahrenheit Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

Our dinner reservation was for 9:30 PM. I did not know where we were going, but I noticed that it was somewhere in Uptown Charlotte once we got close. Alan drove past the restaurant twice circling the block because he loves to get lost! We arrived at Fahrenheit a few minutes early and I was hoping to get a table before our reservation. After waiting around for about 20-30 minutes, I began to get upset with the staff because we were early, and I thought we should have had a table ready. The restaurant staff was aware of the engagement plans so the Hostess played along by making us wait until exactly 9:30 PM to escort us to our table. The dinner table and setting were astounding! We had a rooftop view of the Charlotte skyline and sat directly in front of the infamous fire pit.

After dinner, we went outside to view the skyline and enjoy the atmosphere. As soon as we got outside we saw two photographers taking pictures on the other end of the balcony. They shouted to us asking to take our picture. I immediately assumed they were vendors taking pictures for a profit. I did not want to be bothered. Alan convinced me to walk towards them to take a picture. Little did I know I was walking to my engagement! Alan orchestrated the whole thing. We took a few pictures and then he gazed into my eyes telling me how much he loved me. Before I knew it, he was on one knee holding a little blue box with a diamond ring inside. After he proposed, I so shocked that I could not get my words out to say “Yes”. I think I left him on the ground for about 2 minutes! Once I finally was accepted his proposal, we hugged, kissed, and took more pictures. At the end of the night, we celebrated with a bottle of Champagne and showed our love and appreciation for one another!

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