Samantha and AJ's Surprise Proposal in Switzerland

Image 1 of Samantha and AJ

How We Met

We met my freshman year of high school through mutual friends. We never dated until my freshman year of college when he randomly came up for Halloween weekend 7 years ago and stayed at my best friend’s apartment. We always joke about we never imagined it to turn into anything.

how they asked

Every year AJ and I go to Switzerland to visit my grandparents for Christmas and New Years. This was the first year in many that both my brother and sister were able to come along. During the day of New Year’s Eve, AJ arranged for us, my siblings, and my grandparents to have lunch at our favorite place on the lake in Ascona.

My brother and sister walked me towards a trail of rose petals surrounded by Christmas trees. I saw a man dressed in traditional Swiss clothing playing an accordion, a small crowd of older couples gathered behind him.

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I finally caught on to what was happening when I saw AJ at the end of the trail, standing among a collage of candles and roses shaped like a heart with the words “Marry Me.”

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I couldn’t stop muttering words of disbelief and crying tears of surprise and joy, even as my sister poked her camera in my face to capture every moment.

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When I reached AJ at the end of the trail, with his goofy smiling face, he asked me if I was ready. I could only nod, and he got down on one knee and said the words that I always dreamt he would.

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With my grandparents and siblings around me, the love of my life and a beautiful ring in front of me, I said “yes”.

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I’ve always imagined this day would be a fairy tale, but I never thought it would be even better than that.

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I will forever be grateful that AJ included my grandparents in this special moment of ours. He knows how much they mean to me and how rarely I get to see them.

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It literally was the BEST day of my life.

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