Samantha and Adrian

Image 1 of Samantha and Adrian

How We Met

I met him at work. I was supposed to be supervising a middle school dance where I worked, but it was cancelled and I didn’t know it. Upon arriving, there was no dance/music that seemed to be happening, but a gorgeous gorgeous man appeared in the hallway. I asked him what he did, and he said that it was youth ministry at my school. I immediately made a secret plan to start volunteering in the ministry services at our school.

How They Asked

Get ready Listener Land, because my fiance is a super over-the-top person. He told me that he was creating an elaborate surprise for my birthday, in which I would need to be available from the hours of 8AM-2AM, and during which time I would need to bring three changes of clothes (one outdoorsy, one casual, and one fancy) and that I was not to ask any questions about what was about to happen. That probably should have been a tip off, but I was actually feeling super bloated, crampy, and unattractive that morning, and that probably was pretty distracting. Anyway, he came over at 7:00 to wake me up with some terrible news: I couldn’t have coffee when I woke up. I pretty much almost cried (he was going to provide coffee later and knows I’m sensitive to caffeine and didn’t want me to get sick). Then at 8AM he asked “are you ready for surprise number 1?” And I walked into my study room to find that he had set up a video chat with my friend who lives in Spain. It was a wonderful surprise! Except for that in the video she had delicious looking Spanish espresso, and I had weak and insignificant tea. So we chatted for an hour or so, at which point Adrian said it was time to go to the next event. So I got in the car with him (bloated, and looking like how I felt), when he drove up to a diner. My heart rejoiced, for diners contain breakfast, and breakfast has coffee. On the way in, Adrian suddenly stopped and said “I forgot my mask! Go ahead and get a table while I go back to the car”. So I did, because breakfast was more important than walking with Adrian. Upon entering, the greeter asked if I wanted a table for one, and LIKE A SCENE FROM A MOVIE, a voice from behind her said “Actually, I already got us a table”. It was my friend LYDIA! I hadn’t seen her in person for like two years, and being coffee-less and bloated, almost broke down in tears on the spot. She had driven almost 5 hours just to come have breakfast with me. So we had breakfast (I was so happy) and of course no one allowed me to pay for anything. Adrian had, however, disappeared. Lydia eventually said “It’s time for your next thing”, and walked me outside. Looking up at a giant party bus she said “I think this is our ride”. I was like “NO”. And I actually felt super self-conscious because we were only two people standing next to this party bus. After some moments of confusion because we couldn’t find the driver (he was getting breakfast to go, which resulted in Lydia almost driving the bus, which would have been problematic for many reasons) he came out to let us in. Inside it was all tricked out with strobe lights and disco balls. Kinda hilarious. So we drive to downtown MKE next (and each time I don’t know where we’re going and no one will tell me anything) we arrive at these little buggies. My other friend Mike is sitting there waiting with a special birthday hat for me to wear. Then Lydia, Mike, and I all go on a tour of downtown MKE, which was really cool. After the tour we come back on the bus to find that the whole thing has been filled with balloons mysteriously. We arrive next in front of a rock climbing gym. Since you have to sign a waiver, I was checking myself in, when I look to my right, and see…my brother Mitch also signing in! Then I hear a little voice behind me say “SAM” and I turn around to find my friend Kat (who previously moved to Montana) had taken an 8 hour flight to be here for my birthday (Kat is little and has a cute little voice). My brother had traveled a couple hours here as well. I was shocked that they were all here to see me!!! So Mike, Lydia, Kat, Mitch, and I all go rock climbing for about an hour or so. At this time, Kat mysteriously says that “it’s time for the next event”. We get back on the bus, and a cooler has appeared with various drinks for all of us. The bus driver then informs me to hit play on the IPad in the front seat. When I do, the playlist that Adrian and I made together starts playing through the sound system. Our next destination ends up being a burger place (Kopps: the best burgers in Milwaukee) and I’m really happy because I just love hamburgers so much. So we’re eating there, recovering from rock climbing when Kat instructs me to go back to the bus. When I get on, I’m not really sure what to do. Eventually, I find the iPad at the back of the bus…but someone is on video on it! It was my friend Elizabeth (who lives in WA). I got to chat with her for about an hour or so, which was amazing. Since she moved away, I haven’t gotten to see her or spend much time with her. After we’re done, I come back off the bus to find that my friend Sarah has ALSO shown up. Almost ALL my friends were there mysteriously appearing to surprise me with different things. So we all get back on the bus to our next mystery location. And since it was October, and near to Halloween…we pull up at a Haunted House. I. Love. Halloween!! So I was super excited (also disclaimer, none of these people like haunted houses except for me, so it was sweet and ironic that they all did this for me). We go through the haunted house and I have a great time! (although I’m not sure what kinda time they had :P) and we’re off again on the bus to our next location. We pull up at the Pfister hotel, the fanciest hotel in Milwaukee (or at least, I think it is). Then I was all like “Ha! I think it’s time to wear fancy clothes!” So we all get changed on the bus, and walk into the hotel to take the elevator to the very top floor to Blue Bar and Lounge. You can see the whole city from the top! And just as we’re about to be seated at our table, the elevator doors open and FINALLY, Adrian appears! (looking so frickin’ good, by the way). We all sit down, and I’m excited because since it was my birthday, I got a free drink (I’m cheap and easily pleased with snacks).Then my friend Kat insisted on doing an affirmation circle in which everyone says something really nice about me. I was like, “no thank you,” because I really am shy about having all attention on me. But they did it anyway. As everyone is toasting to me these different things, it finally gets to Adrian. No, my good listeners, I still, even at this point, did not expect him to propose. I was just excited about my fancy drink. So he says his words of affirmation, and then FRICKIN GETS DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND HOLDS OUT A VERY SPARKLY RING. Eye-witness accounts verify that my eyes just were really really huge and I didn’t make a lot of sense. BUT I did somehow get yes out. Then after staying a while, we all went our separate ways, except for Kat and I, who went out salsa dancing. Adrian came too, after he dropped everyone off where they needed to go. We danced until 2 in the morning, and then Kat stayed over at my house (don’t worry, we got breakfast in the morning). I was in a state of shock and happiness and the highest of emotional feels. And that, my dear listeners, is how Adrian proposed to me.