Samantha and Aaron

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How We Met

October 25, 2014, the first time we met! Though our beginning is not one of fairy tales, we’re glad that eHarmony allowed us to connect. I had moved from Arizona to Ohio to start the next step in my career and training. Moving from the 5th largest city to a town of roughly 36,000 people, I had neglected to realized the difficulty of dating in a small, rural Ohio town. This was a major reason I decided to take the plug with online dating. To this day, I tease Aaron. I tell him that the reason I messaged him first on eHarmony was due to his car, a Mustang. (His profile picture was him propped up against his Mustang). I have an affinity for Mustangs myself, having driven one in high school and college. After messaging on eHarmony for a least a week, we decided to meet for a first date. We decided on a local dinner spot in town, Beer Barrel. Only a few minutes into conversation, we discovered our shared love of pizza, and our relationship was sure to blossom when we discovered our equal dislike and hate for onions. Pizza tastes so much better to us without those nasty onions!

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how they asked

Now this is a story of a modern (digital) fairy tale! March 19, 2016 – It seemed like any other hospital call weekend. I had a long list of chores, plus studying on my mind. Over the past week or so, Aaron said that he was working to program a new computer game. When he arrived at the little rental house that Saturday, he asked me to test his new computer game. Sadly enough, I turned down the opportunity to test the computer game for the better part of an hour. Aaron was persistent, much to my chagrin. I finally caved and made the right choice to test out his new computer game. I found it interesting that the characters where named “Aeryn” and “Jayne”. Besides, my middle name is “Jane”.

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For the better part of thirty minutes, I played many fighting sequences with zombies and vampires. I wasn’t sure how long the test run was going to take. There were chores to do, I thought to myself. At the end of one fight sequence, “Aeryn” turned to “Jayne” and says, “Samantha Jayne Price, Will you marry me?” (Click yes or no). The rest is history! Aaron was already on one knee, and out popped the most beautiful ring that I had every seen! Aaron confessed that prior to coming over to the house, he had phoned my father to get his blessing. I was so happy that I finally caved to testing his computer game. The ultimate game prize to be won, a proposal!

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