Samaidy and Jonathan

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How We Met: Jonathan and I are both from Sacramento, California; we met at our mutual friends high school event but he never came up to me and introduced himself, a year passed and he found me on Instagram. As typical it started with a simple “Like” followed with a “Follow Request” and he sent me a direct message introducing himself and he was the cutest because he asked me what was the correct pronunciation of my name because he said he didn’t want to sound uneducated. After that we started to talk; Jonathan is in the United States Army, he is an Infantryman.

I feel like when he told me he was in the Army he thought I would run but nope I simply was like okay. My first thought about him is how handsome and polite he is he is the definition of a gentleman in all honesty. He got more and more cuter every single day we spoke to each other. On February 2nd he FaceTimed me in his dress blues asking me if I would be his valentines, I was in awe because no one has ever put in so much effort to ask me to be their valentine and he was my first valentine as I was his first valentine. A few days later on the 7th of February he asked me to be his girlfriend. We started as strangers and ended up being lovers in our own perfect love story no matter the distance.

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how they asked: The day he asked went something like this:

October 3rd 2015,

It started with simply having a little getaway to San Francisco; just having an “Us Day” on his leave before deploying to the Middle East. First we went to Estelle’s Patisserie for their amazing macarons and then to Target to get beverages for our trip. As typical we had to make silly snapchat videos at Target because when you are us that us what you do. Once we were in San Francisco we walked all over Fisherman’s Wharf and stopped at Fog Harbor for dinner we were seated by an amazing view and had amazing food.

It was such a marvelous day with my best friend but that is not the end, after dinner the sun started to set and we continued with our San Francisco adventure by going up to Twin Peaks to see this amazing view that captures all of San Francisco. It was a cold evening but the view of the city was breath taking, Jonathan asked me questions such as Where do you see us in 5 years? or What if he gets hurt during deployment?. Of course I said I would stay by his side no matter what, I don’t see myself without him in my life. So then he couldn’t take the cold anymore so he went to the car because “he forgot his jacket”, I stayed looking at the view and taking pictures he comes back and turned me around and said he loves me and got on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?”.

I said “YES!” Now I am engaged to my best friend and soon will be able to call him my husband.

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