Sam and Zach

How We Met

One summer day back in 2012 my mom and I decided to join the gym that was soon to be opening by our house. Little did I know that around that same time, he went with to support a friend who was applying there but ended up getting the job himself. When the gym finally opened, my mom and I would go in the mornings and he just so happened to work the morning shift. I went away to school that fall but while I was gone my mom and grandma actually became friends with him, as they like to socialize and talk with people at the gym. They would always tell me about their interactions with him and what a nice guy he was. I came back home the summer of 2013 and he and I had a few short interactions at the gym. However he was in another relationship at the time, and I never really thought of anything truly happening, but I too would joke with my mom and grandma “he is such a great guy, why can’t I just be with him”. I went back to school in the fall and returned home now in the summer of 2014. I went on a missions trip for half of the summer and while I was gone my mom made it a point to contact me during that time and tell me he had ended his previous relationship, and that “this” could actually happen, making me strangely excited for some reason. Once I was home she took it upon herself one morning to suggest to him that he and I should hang out because she thought we’d get along really well. Lucky for me he took her up on her suggestion, and came back to the gym that afternoon at the time I should’ve been there after work to ask me out on a date. I, however, had decided to stay late at work that day unknowingly, and the following morning he had a bone to pick with my mom because I wasn’t there when I was supposed to be. I soon found out about my mistake and I Facebook messaged him to apologize, and he finally asked me out and we’ve been inseparable ever since! Little did I know that that day I signed up for the gym I signed up to meet my best friend and soulmate!!

how they asked

It all began the week before, when he told me he wanted to take me on a surprise date the following weekend. I didn’t think much of it, except for that that was super sweet and thoughtful! I tried to get hints about the date all week but he wouldn’t budge! And then on Friday, I caught him acting very suspicious about where he was and what he was up to. But I didn’t give it much thought. On Saturday he told me a very exact time we had to leave, and was acting nervous all day. I had no idea what was going on! All the signs were there but I was in such denial that it was actually happening that day as I had no idea the months of preparation he had been doing! He was way ahead of his game than I have him credit for…. So we finally leave for the date and he told me we were going to recreate our first date. I instantly started crying in the car because I’m a very nostalgic person and that was so special to me that he planned that! But he knew I was hesitant about recreating our first date unless it was a special occasion, and so that made me a little suspicious. We went out for pizza and got a couple drinks at the same restaurant we went to a year and a half ago, and then we went mini golfing just the same. It was the best time!! We spent the time reminiscing but also creating new memories it was so beyond perfect! The whole time I was telling myself that no, he’s not proposing don’t get ahead of yourself, there’s no way he’s not ready yet! But we left very abruptly from mini golfing because he “was tired and wanted to go home” so I agreed and we left. But then on the way he told me we had to stop at my grandparents’ house to help my grandpa move something. I thought that was strange, since it was dark, and he kept checking his phone, so all the signs were there but I was still in denial! So we get to my grandparents’ house, and walk into the backyard where there’s lights lit up all around, and giant beautiful orange bouquet of flowers (my favorite color), pictures of us taped on the windows, a fire going in the fire pit, and both our families sitting around in a circle all with their phones out waiting to capture our moment. I’m a very emotional person, and by the time I realized what was going on I was in such shock I couldn’t hold myself together! We spent the rest of the night together laughing and crying with our families outside under the stars drinking champagne with hors d’oerves and having cake and it was all I could’ve ever imagined and then some…

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