Tiffany and Sam

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How We Met

Tiffany and I met almost 10 years ago through a mutual friend, it wasn’t quite the fairytale story where “Our eyes locked and I knew it… She’s the one!!” Haha no not quite but she did have this smile that absolutely pulled me in; I thought she was beautiful. We started to hang out, go to the movies and have picnics at the park type of things. I wasn’t really looking for a relationship at the time but this woman makes it so easy to love her; I fell for her like a baby calf on an ice rink!

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She has this love for life that’s so attractive with such a bright aura about her and the ability to have fun in any situation. There are thousands of things I’ve grown to love about this woman and I’m still finding more and more everyday.

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how they asked

The day I proposed was so nerve racking. I mean, I’m a confident guy and I felt prepared and everything but something about “the proposal” just kind of shakes you up! I did my research and scouted out the proposal site like a ninja master without her suspecting a thing. I planned a picnic on the beach, had a speech ready, the ring in pocket, and our secret photographer, Jean-Baptiste from JBJ Pictures, was ready to stalk us and capture the moment— it was go time! We were running late as usual but when we arrived at the beach I seen Jean-Baptiste and felt at ease with our plan and was able to enjoy the moment.

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I packed an old school wicker basket with some red wine, cheese, crackers, grapes then scattered some roses inside the basket— kudos to me I might add! I enjoyed good conversation with good company but the sun was starting to set and the moment had arrived! I told her we should watch the sunset from the dunes for a better view and she says, “okay” so far so good!

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Once up top I held her from behind and we watched the sunset fall over beautiful Ocean Beach in San Francisco, the weather really was perfect that day. I started my speech and the worst thing that could happen, happened! The nerves started to take over and I started tripping on my words! I tried to find my rhythm but I was fading fast and she was starting to suspect something!

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Now keep in mind we were slamming some pretty good wine, and between the wine and the nerves I completely botched my speech. I had to abandon ship and just wing it. It actually worked out better because it allowed me to slow down and be more in the moment and tell her how I really felt from my heart, which was a lot easier for me to do.

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I declared my love and took the infamous knee, presented a beauty of a diamond and popped the question! Needless to say she wept like a newborn with an empty tummy and a wet diaper and said YES!!!! She made me a very happy man that day. It was a surreal moment that I’ll never forget!

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