Sam and Matt

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how we met

Matt and I actually met at his brother’s appendectomy. His brother and I were best friends but Matt and I had never met because he had been living in Colorado. He had recently moved back, Jeremy’s appendix burst, and we met in the hospital room.

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how they asked

The proposal was a big planned out affair. It started with a trunk full of balloons and a mysterious message, followed by a surprise vacation to Disney World. A couple of months earlier he had sent me out with a personal shopper to buy a dress, and on the second day in Disney he pulled it out and told me to get dressed for a nice dinner.

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On the way there he wanted to stop and look at this big fountain and there he gave me a book with a 100 reasons he loved me. The last page asked me to marry him.

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He had hidden a photographer for the proposal who then immediately took us to shoot engagement photos. Afterwards we celebrated with an amazing ten course dinner and lots of wine.

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The most romantic part was probably that I’m a full time student and I was nervous about the classes I’d be missing, but then Matt told me he had secretly met with all my professors and obtained permission for my absence. It showed he knew what was important to me and that it was important to him too. Nothing is more romantic than that.

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