Sam and Mason

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disney World

How We Met

Her side: The summer after my freshman year in college, I was hired as a camp counselor at a local summer camp. Two of the other counselors walked up to me one day and said they had a friend that they wanted me to meet. They promised me that he was perfect for me and would “treat me like a princess”. I agreed to meet him at a bonfire the following week. Little did I know I would actually have my princess moment 4 years later…

His side: The night I met Sam will forever be etched in my mind. She arrived at the bonfire before I did. I am always early, so I was impressed that she arrived before me… later I would come to realize that first impressions are misleading (she was never early again). We had a blast at the bonfire, and it was quickly followed up by kayaking, rock climbing, and lots of hiking dates for the rest of the summer. In the fall, it was time for both of us to head our separate ways for school, and we decided to give long distance a shot. (hint: we survived the distance)

how they asked

We are both huge Disney fans. 4 years after we started dating, Mason surprised me with a trip to Disney. I had just finished my first year of PA school, so the trip was intended to be a celebration of completing the first year (or so I thought). We arrived at the Magic Kingdom, our favorite park, on our first full day at Disney. After a delicious breakfast at the Crystal Palace, Mason got down on one knee in front of the castle. He said a bunch of nice things that I cannot remember because I was crying too much, and gave me the most beautiful ring that he had designed. The rest of the trip was incredible, and we are so excited for the wedding next summer and to finally live in the same place.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney World