Sam and Leia

How We Met

Sam and I actually met online, on Bumble! I signed up on Bumble to hopefully meet some platonic friendships and as I was working graveyards at the time (when I had free time) I needed something to keep me up during my shift so I switched to the ‘men’ category… hence where I met Sam. I had been on Bumble for about three weeks until I was getting frustrated with the results and just about I was about to unsubscribe my account, I received a notification that ‘Sam was interested in chatting with me’ I told myself I would take a chance and so I initiated the conversation. Our first date was on a cruise, where we watched the fireworks that were taking place in Vancouver, one thing led to another and now we are here, celebrating the next chapter of our lives.

how they asked

Sam and I were on a small trip to Hong Kong to visit some family members and from there we decided to take a mini-vacation to Bali while we were in Asia. Though Sam says he wasn’t planning on proposing the way he did, it actually turned out to be the most perfect moment for the both of us. Prior to Bali, in Hong Kong, My mother and Sam were scouting around for rings!

When we were in Bali, we went to a temple where we had to wear sarongs in order to enter the temple so we went to the nearest shop to rent some sarongs, and after about a 10 minute sweltering walk under the heat, we finally got the temple where there was about a 2 hour line up to have your picture taken with your own phone by a local photographer. Not knowing that was the spot where he wanted to propose, I suggested we leave as the cue was long and it was a hot day. Sam suggested we wait another 20 minutes to see how fast the line with dissipate and it started moving after 20 minutes.

When it was our turn to take pictures, I went up and took pictures by the temple gates (Heaven’s Gate) and after a few poses, Sam came over to join me and that is when he knelt down on one knee and proposed! The pictures turned out beautifully and it was caught in the moment!

A pleasant surprise! I couldn’t be happier with how the day turned out and it was worth the wait. I couldn’t seem to shake a smile off my face.

Special Thanks

Tourist Photographer- with Sam's phone
 | Photographer