Sam and John

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How We Met

John and I met just before our senior year of college during a summer physics class. He had a girlfriend at the time, and we kind of knew each other through mutual friends. After summer was over and I went home to Georgia, John and his then girlfriend broke up. We began talking and started to hang out once I came back from the summer vacation. After almost a year of going on dates and having out almost every weekend, we officially became an item.

how they asked

My parents live in Oklahoma, while I live in Maine. They come to visit when my dad has work in the area. They had mentioned wanting to come up a weekend in August because my dad had business in the area, naturally I thought nothing about it. As the dad got closer my mom told me that the Saturday morning they would be here, they planned on visiting a friend (as far as I knew, they didn’t know anyone up here!). Since they were busy, John planned a trip to Peaks Island, a short ferry ride away from downtown Portland. He had also planned for us to bike around island, which we had talked about doing for sometime. It was supposed to be nice day on the island, but it ended up being very foggy which we were both a little bummed about.

We rented the bikes and were on our way, John was going so fast around the island that I couldn’t look at all the houses or scenery! He kept saying to me that a friend had told him about a spot on the island we had to see, and since we only had the bikes for an hour he wanted to get there and spend some time. After going half way around the island, he said that we were getting near the spot and needed to get off our bikes and walk. We walked down a path and ended up on some rocks overlooking the water. Next thing I know he proposed to me!

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After the proposal he admitted to me that one of my best friends was there taking pictures of the moment (I’ll never be able to thank her for being there at a moment like that). She then told me that her boss who lived on the island had given us a gift card to eat at the Inn. We rode to the Inn and then ordered some drinks, just enjoying the moment. Then I turned to see my parents and John’s parents come off of the ferry to join us! He had planned this all himself, and I was in shock!

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The day ended with the perfect weather, and the perfect fiancé.