Sam and Joel

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How We Met

Joel and I met a year ago after he liked a photo on Instagram. I messaged him curious if we lived in the same city, it turned out that we did. Joel asked me out on a date. Both of us very nervous but I saw him waiting with flowers at our now favorite sushi restaurant. Dinner with him could have lasted forever we and I wouldn’t have noticed a moment passed. We left and went to get ice cream and I knew from that moment my life changed forever.

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how they asked

We both wanted to go on a trip and we had been thinking about going skiiing somewhere we both hadn’t been before. Joel and I ventured to the most beautiful place in the world, Whistler British Colombia. We spent a few days getting settled and skiing on the mountain. The second day we headed out to another spot on the mountain and joel had mentioned that his right boot had been bothering him. I offered to stop off at the shop to swap out his boots and he said they would be fine. After we took off on a run he stopped, and asked what I thought of the view. He started to mess with his boot and I looked down and he was down on one knee. He said “actually my boot is fine, but I was wondering if you would marry me?” I said yes, of course I will marry you!

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