Sam and Jason

How We Met

Jason and I met on Labor Weekend, and I remember talking to him thinking his accent is so different (being a Florida native) and I was intrigued. We didn’t really hit it off till the following weekend when we ran into each other at one of the bars in St. Augustine. We started talking as a group and got into this heated discussion on football. We were all talking smack to each other and he was recording this video of one of my good friends cursing (she’s a BAMA fan). At the end of the night as I was leaving, he asked for my number. I reluctantly gave it to him because I didn’t usually give my number to guys I meet at a bar. I ended up texting him first the next day because my friend wanted to make sure that video of her cursing never made the light of social media. Long story short, the next few months we became really good friends and combined our friend group. When the time was right, we decided to start dating!

how they asked

A few weeks prior to the proposal, he had sent a few of my closest girlfriends, postcards (it’s a thing that me and my friends do all the time.. so impressed with how he came up with that!).. and in each postcard, contained a picture along with a nice message asking for their approval for him to propose. October 3rd came and I woke up to a surprise that was out of character.. breakfast in bed! (doesn’t happen often) As I was eating, Jason (dressed in work out clothes) said he was going to do the dishes but unknown to me at the time, he had left. Shortly later, I go into the kitchen to find a very sweet letter he had written me next to a laminated paper that read “Clue #1: Go to the place where I first got your number and where we spent countless nights having fun with our friends.” So I hurried to get ready.. I made 6 stops along my way to different places that had significant impacts or roles in our relationship. The final one was on the beach where we originally met. The image, as I walked out onto the beach, of seeing Jason standing there, smiling surrounded by rose petals will be one I will never forget. We don’t really remember what was exactly said (I was trying to keep my emotions in check) but one thing I do remember is Jason asking me “Are you happy?” After he got down on one knee and proposed, he told me to turn around to see my next surprise. It was some of my bestest friends and family who took time away from work or loved ones or free time just to be apart of our special day. It meant so much to me to have them there and made me realize how lucky I am to be marrying a guy like Jason!

Image 1 of Sam and Jason

Image 2 of Sam and Jason