Sam and Gabrielle

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How we met

Sam and I first met when we were in high school. We went to the same high school in Boise, Idaho, and shared a lot of the same interests. We were water skiing and snow skiing buddies, but never boyfriend and girlfriend. After high school we went to schools in different states and Sam served a two-year mission for our church. During this time we talked via email periodically and kept up the friendship. Sam was in Boise while I was at school, but on breaks we would hang out and really enjoyed spending time together. Over the Fall we grew even closer and that’s when both of us realized there was a spark. In February, still in different states going to school, I invited Sam to come to a cabin for the weekend with me to celebrate my Sisters’ 30th Birthday party in Jackson Hole, WY. On February 13th we had our first kiss and then decided we couldn’t live without each other!

how they asked

I wanted it to be a surprise and my goal throughout was for her to not see it coming when it happened. We had been planning to go to Cascade, ID to our family cabin and since our relationship got kick started in a cabin it just seemed right to propose at one too. We were up there for the fourth of July with almost all of my family. On Sunday July 3rd we drove over to visit our friends on the other side of the lake while my awesome family set everything up on the dock. When we drove back I was so nervous… It was the same feeling I had before our first kiss.

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We walked through the front door and onto the back deck and I remember Gabi saying “Wow look at these cute lights that your mom set up!” It wasn’t until we were halfway down the boardwalk that she realized what was happening. I remember her being so giddy and stumbling over her words… and I knew that I did something right!

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When we got back to the cabin, we walked through the front door and I saw out the back door all the “cute lights” set up. All of his family was inside, which looking back was out of the ordinary! I had NO idea what was happening until we walked outside, off the deck, and down the boardwalk. When I saw everything set up I immediately knew what was happening and could not form a sentence.

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I had always thought of cute ways to respond when he asked, but all I was able to say was, “of course!” Afterwards, we walked back up the boardwalk, kids scattering inside, and through the cabin. Sam and I went on a walk and watched fireworks going off around the lake. It was a dream!

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