Sam and Dakota

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our house

How They Asked

Dakota’s birthday is on the 15th of November. It was on a Friday this year so the entire weekend was dedicated to him! I was planning a birthday party at our house the next day with friends and family. All while he was planning an engagement party! We went to lunch with his parents late morning on the 16th and when we got home, I walked into the most extravagant scene. My Greatest Showman themed proposal. My parents were there, his parents were there, my best friend and even a photographer! It couldn’t have been any more perfect. A lot of people ask how we got home and I had no idea anyone was there. Well, my grandparents live down the road from us so everyone parked at their house and walked down. While we were at lunch with his parents, my parents were at our house getting everything decorated. He pulled it all off, had everyone important to us involved, and I had no idea the entire time. Then a couple of weeks later he takes me to Disney World for an engagement honeymoon! Ladies, the gentleman still exist and there are men who will give you the world! I’m so incredibly thankful for finding the man I’ve spent years praying for. I’ve never known a love so passionate.

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