Sam and Chester

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How We Met

Our story is about as cliche as any college relationship can get. Our respective Greek organizations had a social together, “Bowling with Beta” and I spent the entire night giving Chester advice on how to talk to a girl in one of his classes. Throughout the night he found more and more excuses to ask me questions. Now he tells me that once we started talking he no longer cared about the girl in his class, but instead just wanted a reason to talk to me. By the end of the night, we exchanged phone numbers and immediately began talking on a regular basis.

how they asked

Chester and I had the date in our planners for weeks. We were planning on exchanging Christmas presents before he went home to Northern Kentucky to spend the holidays with his family. The day started out with a text from friends asking me to get lunch, Chester told me he needed to go into the office for an hour or two and that we could exchange presents when we got back. When I got back from lunch, I came home to find a dress and note laid out on my bed, telling me to be ready by 5:15 for dinner, a gesture that I had told him several times that I had always wanted done for me. After wiping away the tears, I noticed that something about the dress just didn’t feel right. It was all wrong.

The cut, the color, the size. I feared that the day was already starting out on a bad foot. When Chester got home, he quickly noticed that something had gone awry already. A few tearful minutes later, I was in a different dress, and we were headed out for a night that I never could have seen coming. Our first stop was dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse, one of my favorite local restaurants here in Louisville. After that, he told me that we were going to see the Nutcracker Ballet. Growing up as a dancer, the Nutcracker has always been one of my favorite Christmas traditions, and it was special to get to share that tradition with him this year.

During the show I noticed he was constantly checking his phone, and getting more and more restless, checking the program every few minutes to see how much longer we had, little did I know what he was counting down to.

After the show he told me my final surprise was going to look at Christmas lights downtown… My initial reaction was not exactly ideal. I tried to convince him that it was too cold to walk outside and that we should come back another night. He was persistent. After convincing me to finally go, we walked down to the Galt House Hotel. He said we could look at the lights inside where it was warmer. After walking into the lobby, he beelined to an enormous tree just inside the doors. He looked at this specific tree pretty intently, and it’s a little embarrassing how long it took me to look too. After a moment, one special ornament caught my eye. Mixed in with decorations of blue and pink, was a single white ornament with the words “Sam, will you marry me?” right in the center.

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By the time it hit me what was happening, I turned to see him getting down on one knee. Looking back, neither of us can remember exactly what he said, all we remember is how neither of us could stop smiling for the longest time.

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My sorority little and grand-big were both there to capture every beautiful moment of it and celebrate with us afterwards. In a very “us” fashion, we went to a local diner just off our college campus to celebrate with fries and milkshakes.

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 | Photography