Sam and Brenton

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tybee Island, GA

How We Met

Brenton and I both attended Purdue University and volunteered as Team Leaders for Purdue’s week-long freshman orientation program, Boiler Gold Rush. I remember the first time I saw him that week, I thought “who is this good looking kid with the big nose?” At that point, the week was almost over and I didn’t see him again. At the end of that school year, I came across a Tinder message (don’t judge) from the same kid! He said he also remembered me from that same orientation week. Throughout the summer, we talked on the phone and even met in Indianapolis for our first date, seeing as we lived in opposite ends of the state. Once we back to Purdue for that year’s orientation program, we saw each other occasionally- we brought each other pops or snacks, since it’s a long week full of activities! This is our first picture together from the orientation leader banquet- shortly after that, we decided to make it official and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Brenton and I are college sweethearts, and he’s been asking me to be his wife for a while (half joking/half serious). After graduation, we moved to Ohio where Brenton was employed by an airline, meaning we got free flights! However, the flights were always standby- so we were not guaranteed seats. Not once had we ever had an issue getting on a plane the year and a half we used them. So when Brenton knew he was ready to propose, we planned a trip to Portland, Maine- a place I’ve always wanted to go and we figured the flights would be totally fine. We made hotel and dinner reservations and could not WAIT to go! When we got to our connection in Philadelphia, we got bad news- the flight to Portland was full. As it turns out, every flight anywhere near Portland, all day, was either full or already overbooked. I told Brenton we could pick somewhere else, Portland could wait! But he was adamant and even ready to rent a car to drive from Philly to Portland… 7 hours. We rented the car and drove off, only to have the engine light come on.

Where to Propose in Tybee Island, GA

After returning the car and a little panicking, he let out a secret- he had planned for my best friend to meet us in Portland and take pictures, and she was already there and waiting for us! After some frantic hotel calls and talking to the gate agents, we ended up in Savannah, GA. Brenton told me my BFF would be heading home to Indiana, seeing as our plans changed. After arriving in Georgia we drove out to Tybee Island to enjoy the beach and some southern food. Later in the evening, right at sunset, Brenton pulled me aside to a dune and I knew what was coming! So he popped the question and had my ring in a seashell (my favorite thing). Of course, I said yes! And right afterward, I saw my best friend come out from behind a sand dune! She had made it to Savannah IN SECRET and had stalked us ALL DAY waiting for him to ask! It was the perfect ending to a hectic day, and I am forever grateful to the 2 of them for pulling it off!

Special Thanks

Kayla Nutter
 | Planner and Photographer