Sam and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon: I was minding my own business washing my car when Sam’s Aunt approached me and asked me if I was looking for someone. I said “I’m always looking,” and she showed me some pictures of a beautiful young woman. She told me that I should message her on Facebook. I thought that was really creepy so I told her that I would only do that if Sam was OK with it. After I heard that she was, I still thought it would be too weird. But after two weeks of my mother bugging me about messaging her I finally gave in and asked her out over Facebook. Unfortunately she was living in Mt Pleasant so I had to wait almost an entire month before Sam and I set up our first date. We first met at the Winchester on August 27th 2014. I waited fifteen minutes outside as I thought Sam was late. It turns out she was waiting inside for me and had never bothered to check if I was outside. :) The rest is history.

Sam: Last summer I was attending yet another wedding solo, so naturally people always want to play match maker. This time it was my Aunt Shelly that pulled me aside and said, “I have someone that is perfect for you, do you know who Brandon Grasmeyer is? He is tall and played basketball, is it ok if he messages you?” I told her sure this would be fine, mostly to get out of the conversation, but hey I do love tall guys and basketball. Also I did know who he was, I remembered him from high school. He was a senior on the boy’s basketball team when I was a sophmore and I was the stat keeper for the team. We never spoke but I always thought he was cute :) I received his message a few days later; I did a little checking up on his Facebook profile just to check…yup still cute and tall. After I finished up my final semester on campus at CMU and I was back in Grand Rapids we set up our first date. One of the first things he told me was that he actually did NOT like watching basketball or sports for that matter! This might not seem like a big deal, but to a huge sports fan like me it was. However, I decided to give him a second chance… I’m so glad I did! We balance each other out perfectly.

how they asked

Brandon and I had been talking for awhile about wanting to go camping, so we finally made it happen. We decided on a trip to Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Michigan’s picturesque upper peninsula. I have to admit I was a little hopeful a proposal might happen on the trip. As our weekend went on I kept seeing countless opportunities for Brandon to make his move. I mean we’re talking waterfalls, gorgeous clear starry up-north skies, pretty scenery by the river…what was he waiting for?! There was even one point during our hike along river when Brandon said, “Wait a second I have to tie my shoe.” I thought for sure this was it, so I waited an extra few seconds before turning around, hoping to see him down on one knee. Unfortunately all I got was him down on one knee tying his shoe. Now by this point I had given up on the idea of getting engaged this weekend, all the best opportunities had definitely passed us by. It was the last night and all that was left to do was pack and go home in the morning. We were sitting by the campfire at dusk and I asked Brandon to get his guitar out for some campfire music. He got it out and played a few songs, then said he couldn’t remember anymore and went to put the guitar back in its case. As he opened the case he acted like he found some sheet music and said, “Actually I have the music to one more song, so I guess I can play this…” The guitar came back out and he started to play a new song I did not recognize, as I listened to the lyrics it became clear this song was about us! He wrote me my own song! The song ended with Brandon setting his guitar down, getting down on one knee, and singing the final line “will you marry me?” I said yes of course! Afterwords we enjoyed a celebratory drink and star gazing on the river bank, the sky was amazingly romantic. We even saw some shooting stars! What was special and unique about this proposal, especially in this era, was that no one was around us, no video, no hidden camera, we didn’t even have cell service. The moment was totally private and totally ours. It was perfect.

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Special Thanks

Karli Kemme
 | photographer