Jo and Matt

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How We Met

I was a junior in high school the first time I met Matt. We went to different high schools but mutual friends brought us together. We started to get to know one another over late night discussions of that weeks newest music and eventually started dating. We spent years together but grew apart during our college years and broke things off. Strange way to start a proposal story, but true! After a few years a part we reconnected when Matt’s dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015. In our time apart Matt had moved to St Louis which meant we came back together simply as a support system via texting. Sooner than later though simple conversation became long weekends of Matt visiting Northwest Arkansas and long weekends turned into an incredible relationship.

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how they asked

I’m a wedding photographer and often travel to various places to shoot! I decided to bring Matt on a work trip to Utah so that I had company throughout the week. On our second day there we were with photo friends shooting a couple in the Salt Flats.

We finished up shooting and the couple left but the light on the salt flats was absolutely stunning and my friend Kelsie insisted we model for a few shots.

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Being in the photo business I thought nothing of this and pulled Matt in front of the camera. It was the second or third time we’d done this on the trip so why would this time be any different? Boy was I wrong. After a few shutters of the camera, Matt started to get down on one knee and I immediately thought, “Dude, they didn’t ask us to sit! Stand back up!” which was followed by the realization of what was happening. I put my denim jacket over my head in shock, followed by dropping to the ground and losing my cool.

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I’m now convinced the only way to pull-off a huge surprise is to shock someone during a trip they planned.

Special Thanks

 | Kelsie Sneegas Photography
 | Joseph Crocket