Saloni and Smit

How We Met: Smit and I first met at his cousins wedding in Ahmedabad, India. Smit had flown in from Dubai and I was on vacation from my law school in Hyderabad, India. Smit was all dressed up for this event looking sharp from head to toe and was casually getting to know everyone when he was introduced to me by his cousin. We had a friendly chat, maybe a bit of casual flirting here and there and I knew immediately that I had his attention when he decided to sit across the table from me where we were all having dinner.

The next day as I was home thinking about Smit and telling my best friend that I met a really cute guy at the wedding, at that exact moment Smit had sent me a friend request on Twitter. We talked here and there and since Smit did not have any friends in Ahmedabad as he came every year to visit his cousins and grandparents I decided that I would take him to a house party my friends were having.

Image 1 of Saloni and Smit

We talked, laughed and exchanged contact information to keep in touch. Soon Smit had to go back to Dubai and I had to go back to Hyderabad and life moved on as we all know it – we barely kept in touch except for a few likes here and few comments there on Facebook. In October of 2012 I decided to come to New York to get my masters in law while Smit went to Chicago in November 2012 to start medical school (unknown to the both of us about the change in location).

While on Facebook one day I found out that Smit was in Chicago so I got in touch with him and we both started talking about how we’re far away from home and we’re the only friends we have since we’re new to the United States and this brought us closer. In december 2012, Smit flew to New York to meet his cousins and family and asked me if we could meet up.

I was really excited that he was coming here and our paths were about to cross in a way I never imagined. We met in New York, we partied and we clicked so well. We both knew that this connection was special right away. On the 24th of December 2012 Smit asked me out at Time Square.

how they asked: Smit started his planning months ahead (unknown to me). He asked both of sides of the family approx. in March or April 2014. I made a few trips to Chicago in the following months to meet Smit and I noticed Smit acting quite strange, he would fight for no reason and leave the house and he was being quite mean to me (This should have tipped me off as he always fights with me just before he surprises me with something awesome and to his defense he states that the fight puts me in a bad mood and this augments his surprise even more as I’ll totally be upset about our made up fight and not be expecting the surprise – men right!!).

Image 2 of Saloni and Smit

Now I know that everytime he left the house it was to talk to all these people for the proposal which he couldn’t at home. Quite honestly I do not know how he did everything ( as you’ll see we had photographers and videographers secretly film us, we had a gazebo built for us, fireworks, musicians, he flew Champagne from France I mean he really went all out and in terms of how he pulled it all) – that might be something only he could answer.

All I knew is that in October he told me he has a medical conference in Washington DC and he wanted me to come with him. So he flew to New York and spent a day or two here with me and we went to JFK airport, at this point we get into the airport and Smit tells me that he has no cash and needs cash right away – he gave me his ATM card and asked me to withdraw cash.

In the meantime Smit went to the checkin counter and begged the staff to check me in even though i was not there (Smit had secretly packed all the clothes I would need for the trip, his mom had sent a special outfit for me for the proposal – I mean he even packed my passport at everything without my knowledge) – in fact his planning was so meticulous that our flight was at 2:50PM and there was a flight to Washington at 2:40PM, I mean he planned it so perfectly.

He told the checkin counter staff about his proposal plans and they actually checked me in without my knowledge. When i came back with the money, Smit told me that he already checked us in and we have our boarding passes and we should just head towards security(TSA). After all of that we’re heading to the gate and Smit at this point started fighting about something so stupid (it was about something I ate) and he just randomly brought out all these topics that got me so upset.

I was so consumed in our argument that I did not know that I was heading to Venice and not Washington (and Smit knew i would be upset he literally almost made me cry – although now I know why he did that). It was not until I sat on the flight I knew what was going on. He said surprise Happy bday and I was like, “what??”.

The thing is that 8 days prior was my birthday and Smit couldn’t make it to New York. So he went on to say that this trip to Venice was a birthday gift. I was so happy yet I was still upset about our “argument” which I did not let go. We went to Venice and from there we got on a cruise ship (at every step of the way i had no idea what was going on as this trip was so unknown to me). The rest of the trip and proposal is in the video but if you need a written piece from me please let me know.

Photos and Video by: Vasily Pasioudis