Salma and Patrick

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How We Met

Pat and I met years ago when we were both involved in futsal. He was a player/coach and I was a referee, although we didn’t really interact much (probably a good thing for him!). We would just see each other at games and events here and there over the years.

At the beginning of 2019, Pat reached out and messaged me. We talked for a couple of months almost every day and one day he told me we were going to go for a road trip down to Hyam’s Beach for the day. That was the first time we hung out just us and we ended up spending the whole day together, including 4 hours in the car. We saw each other again almost every day that week and that was it from there.

How They Asked

We had been in lockdown with COVID restrictions for about 2 months at that point and it was my birthday. He told me he had a little surprise delivery coming to our place and asked me to take our puppy out while he set it up. On my way home he told me our garage door wasn’t working and to go through the main entrance instead.

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I got to the main entrance and when he opened the door there was a gorgeous set up of red roses everywhere, balloons, rose petals, candles, and a sign that said “Will you marry me?”

He gave me a little note he wrote me and then proposed. He hid cameras around to capture it. Our puppy Hugo was walking around trying to eat the rose petals. He later told me it was all meant to happen a month earlier but our staycation was canceled because of the restrictions.

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