Sally and Stefan

How We Met

Summer 2012 was probably one of the best summers of my life. Not only had I completed my first year at the University of Florida, but I would eventually meet my future husband on one of those hot Florida nights. Growing up, I lived a very reserved life and never ventured out of my comfort zone. Upon moving out of my childhood home and entering my freshman year in college, I found a new sense of excitement in life. The reserved girl from high school soon transformed into a free spirit in college.

One humid summer night in May 2012, my roommates (bless their hearts) convinced me to go out dancing on a Tuesday night. Luckily, we had just finished our finals the week before and I wasn’t one to say “No” to a dancing the night away to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Somehow, my roommate and I came up with an elaborate competition to see who could collect the most phone numbers by the end of the night. Up for the challenge – I accepted. A few laps around the bar later, I locked eyes on a handsome guy by the vintage jukebox. My next prey.

Sally and Stefan's Engagement in Yosemite National Park - Taft Point

After “casually” pumping into him by the jukebox and striking up a conversation, I was immediately smitten. The competition with my roommate quickly left my mind and I spent the rest of the night mesmerized by Stefan’s witty personality and terrible jokes.

A conversation with a stranger soon turned into back-to-back dates, a whirlwind of a summer romance, long distance for over a year, graduating together, travels around the world and many years of a love affair. It wasn’t until later in our relationship that we found out that we could have met a month earlier at an art exhibit, but that story is not as fun. Besides, I’m pretty sure that when Rihanna sang “We found love in a hopeless place,” I’m pretty sure she meant the dark bar Stefan and I met at.

Sally's Proposal in Yosemite National Park - Taft Point

how they asked

Fall 2017, we flew out to Santa Cruz, California to visit some friends that had just moved there. When we found out, they had plans on moving back to Miami, we knew we had to go see them there one last time. Plans soon developed for a big friendcation set for September 2018.

Months before our trip, Stefan and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary and I knew it was only a matter of time before we got engaged. We recently bought a condo together, had established careers in our fields, and never been happier. Check, check, and check.

We landed in California on September 7th and had a family reunion with our friends at the airport. After spending the night in Santa Cruz, we set off the next morning for a 4-day stay in Yosemite National Park. I couldn’t wait for this vacation. Yosemite has been a bucket list item for me for a long time and when my friend and I started planning the hikes for the trip – I also inadvertently planed my future proposal spot. After arriving at our cabin Saturday afternoon, we dropped off all our supplies and set out for Taft Point. This spot had spectacular views and I knew a sunset hike would be ideal for those picturesque shots.

After a few rounds of pictures, Stefan gets up and begins to give a short speech; my alarms immediately go off. Pulling me to my feet, he began to say sweet words and as he’s about to pop the question, my excitement got the best of me and blurted out “I knew it!” Luckily, he loves me for my over-the-top personality and finished proposing. Of course, I said “Yes!” Dream man, with some of my favorite people, in a stunning location. I sure am a lucky girl.