Sally and Cameron

Image 1 of Sally and Cameron

How We Met: Truth be told, I saw Cameron walking around the Gordon College campus months before we were introduced to each other. I remember thinking to myself, “Now there is a man who knows how to dress. I never see him looking sloppy. I need to find me a guy like that to start dating.” He still doesn’t believe me when I tell that story.

We were introduced to each other in January 2011 by our mutual friend, Elora. I was studying pre-pharmacy and was in the process of applying to pharmacy school at the University of Georgia. Cameron was studying history and planning on transferring to Macon State University at the end of the semester. Within a few weeks of being introduced to each other, we were spending all of our time in between classes together. We spent hours playing Battleship on my iPod and laughing at nothing imparticular. Finally, 3 months later, we decided to officially start dating and persue a long distance relationship. The date was May 9, 2011.

how they asked: Confession time. I love surprises. I don’t necessarily like the surprise itself, but I LOVE figuring out what the surprise is. Obviously, this caused a huge problem for Cameron trying to plan a surprise proposal. I have been bugging him about it and trying to get hints out of him for months. And some how, he still managed to catch me completely off guard and surprise me.

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day weekend and the proposal, Cameron began dropping what he now refers to as “seeds of doubt”. First there were comments such as, “Man, its going to be so weird and awkward when I have to talk to your parents about marrying you” to make me think that he hadn’t done it yet, even though he had really had that conversation with them about a week before. Then he started saying things like “I can’t propose on Valentine’s Day. That’s too cliché” and “Don’t be upset when I don’t propose this weekend. I really don’t want you to get your feelings hurt”. I was convinced that he was being genuine, and decided that he was actually waiting and planning on proposing on our three year anniversary.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to a text from Cameron saying that he would be at my house at 1PM to take me to lunch and spend the afternoon geocaching before going to the Valentine’s dinner at church. Before Cameron got to the house, my Dad started making comments about making sure I had brushed my teeth in case I get some “lovin’” and to make sure I looked good so that I wouldn’t run Cameron off. All in all, really strange comments, but nothing that out of the ordinary for my Dad. Cameron showed up five minutes early, which is really out of the ordinary for Cameron. We got in his car to head to lunch, and he had a note pad with our afternoon schedule. He had everything planned down to the minute, which again is completely out of the ordinary for Cameron. We spent the afternoon searching for different geocaches around Forsyth and then headed down to Macon to look for a few more. Right around 5:30, we made it to Washington Park in downtown Macon.

When we pulled up to the park, Cameron started acting really strange. He told me the geocache we were looking for was going to be under the tree in the middle of the park, but there were people sitting on a bench right next to the tree. When geocaching, you are supposed to be fairly sneaky to keep any “muggles” from seeing you and coming by later to mess with the cache. Cameron immediately started complaining about the people there, and I just assumed it was because there were so many people in the park. I suggested we just leave and head to the church for dinner. Cameron kept insisting that we get out of the car and walk around the park some. After some persuading, Cameron finally got me out of the car. It was freezing, and I was ready just to leave. We walked around the park to a bridge, where Cameron stopped and stood for a second. I finally looked at him and said, “You’re acting really weird.” He replied with, “Yeah, I am.” And that was when I first realized what he was doing.

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Cameron finally decided that we should just walk up to the tree and look for the cache even though there were people sitting on the bench near by. Right as we get to the tree, he finally told me there wasn’t actually a geocache. Cameron then gave a beautifully written and rehearsed speech (I have included it in at the bottom of this page), but my mind was racing in a thousand different directions. I don’t remember anything other than him telling me he was in love with me. I honestly don’t even remember him getting down on his knee. My mind focused on the ring and then on his smiling face. Apparently I squeaked out a quick “Are you serious?” (I really don’t remember asking him if he was being serious, but he made fun of me later for it) before saying “Yes”. The rest is a blur of hugs and kisses and laughing. I do remember leaning in and asking, “Is that lady taking pictures of us?” to which he informed me that he didn’t think so and he didn’t know her. It wasn’t until later that he fessed up to hiring her to capture the whole thing on camera.

Image 3 of Sally and Cameron

Image 4 of Sally and Cameron

We left the park and headed to the church for the Valentine’s dinner. We got there to find not only Cameron’s family there, but my parents there waiting for us too! Somehow, everyone knew about the proposal and managed to keep it a secret from me! I’m still surprised by the fact that no one gave it away. My hands didn’t stop shaking for almost an hour after the proposal.

I am so thankful for all of our friends and our families for supporting us in this engagement, and I can’t wait to plan our wedding and start our lives together!

Cameron’s Proposal:

I love you.

I love everything about you, the way you’re always singing, the sound of your laugh, your cute little nose, your great big heart.

The more I fall in love with you, the more I know I need you in my life.

I want to share the rest of my life with you.

Will you marry me?

Photography: Pics By Jenn