Sally and Andrew

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How We Met

We met through a mutual friend and got to be really close. So close he convinced me to move out of our hometown to our new city! However, we ended up losing touch and dating other people. A year ago, when the COVID pandemic was at its worst, we reconnected through Facebook. Just a couple of months later, I was pregnant with our daughter. We decided to buy a house and build our life together. This has led to our joke that we do everything backwards.

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How They Asked

One Monday evening after the baby was born, Andrew came home from work and asked out of the blue if I wanted to go on a date that Friday. This would be our first date night after the baby had been born and the first time we had gotten to leave the house without her. I agreed. By Wednesday of that week I had figured out that he was going to propose to me and it turned into a joke between the two of us. Finally, when Friday arrived, I was getting ready for our date night. I saw an Instagram reel of a fortune teller instructing the viewer to think of a question with a yes or no answer. Naturally, I asked if Andrew was going to propose to me that night. When he got home, I started teasing him that a fortune teller had told me he was going to propose that night. However, after our dinner date and he still hadn’t proposed, I was convinced that I had not figured him out and that he wasn’t going to ask me. He took me dancing and in the middle of our song, he asked “so what did that fortune teller say again?” I immediately lost my ability to form a sentence and just started saying “Yes! Yes!” until Andrew got down on one knee and asked if I would be his wife. I asked if he was joking (he wasn’t) and we have been excitedly planning our wedding in November since then!

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